Mora Clock Redo

This is a reproduction Mora clock. Sadly, not a $5,000 antique Sweedish Mora clock. But, I think it’s still cute and it gives my living room the look I want.

I feel like after Christmas is a perfect time to refresh and rearrange. I get so excited to put away Christmas decor and move furniture! Like, so excited!

A few days after Christmas, when DH was a work, I asked the girls if they could help me move a few pieces around. This all started because I bought a small sofa for the end of my bed in the master. I needed to put my white furniture someplace. I dreamt about it, thought about it for days and planned the whole thing out in my head. I just needed muscle and to cross my fingers in the hopes that the look would work.

The girls literally helped me carry down pieces of huge furniture and we had a great time doing it! I was so excited that I found a spot for my Mora clock and asked if the girls could paint it for me. They are old enough that I could literally leave them alone to do the job. They were thrilled!

Here’s a look at the beginning stages to the end. They taped off the glass part of the clock without me even telling them and go to work.

PS – I used Annie Sloan Old White and sanded some edges.



  1. Nice job girls! Super impressed with your work. The clock is lovely.

  2. Wow, your lovely girls did a lovely job on that clock! Then we have we see three beauties in the one picture: two girlies and a clock! I definitely see you and their daddy in each of their sweet faces, Christen. I love little girls. My two are grown up now but I treasure the pictures I have of their little girl faces. Each of them has given me two grandsons who I also love to pieces, but…no grandaughters! But it’s okay, after raising two girlies I am getting a crash course in little boys now! And I love every minute of it.

    Seriously, the clock looks wonderful in its new coat of paint and I think the girls did a super-duper job. Then there was all that furniture hauling…what a pair they are!

    Well, happy organizing and re-organizing etc. Thanks for a charming post! It made my day.

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