…my baby she wrote me a letter

So, Joe Cocker has nothing to do with this desk that I just finished, but I can’t help but imagine a person sitting in a quiet office with a steaming coffee, the sun going down over the moor outside the dormer window, writing a letter. Yes, I’ve read way too many English novels because, sadly, who writes letters anymore?

I am in love with this desk and/or vanity. There are so many drawers for storage and all those little things that we like to just have out of sight, but really need like iphone buds, stamps, children’s art work, hair ties, bandaids, invitation to respond to, gift cards, check book, school calendar, etc. Now I’m just looking around my own desk!


Here is the after:

A drawer for the many love letters from your husband.

Or use it could be a sweet vanity for a bedroom.

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