…my cup & my garage overflow

Life is full & happy. And so is the belly of my garage.

It was only after I saw the fullness of my garage that I realized that I kinda am a working mom. But not in the stressful, bad way. In the very blessed & fortunate way where I get to paint as much as I want to and meet wonderful people and be creative and decorate. Wow. My cup does overflow.

And quite near the entrance of my work place 2 ladies romp. After quiet time/naps this is where you will find us. Pretty much this exact scene since summer has started. (Thank God the baby still takes a 3 hour nap.)

Minus the occasional splash in the face with the hose or loose bikini bottom I actually get quite a bit of work done. Yes, Fiona colors her entire body with chalk and Greta picks all the hydrangeas for her “collection”, but it’s worth it.

No Fiona, Mama doesn’t need any dirt right now.

Thank you for entrusting me with your antiques, family furniture, and precious finds.







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