…my epic april fool’s day joke

Okay, since twitter and family/friends seem to think this is as funny as it was to me – I’m going to share a little video of the April Fools’ joke I played on my three children on April Fool’s day. BUT YOU HAVE TO PROMISE NOT TO MENTION IT TO GRETA! She is not happy with her mommy for playing such a mean trick! Oh, but, man it was good.

The premise? Because of all the snow days we had this winter, Ms. Pelosky our principal, is making everyone go to school on Saturdays. Devastating news to say the least.

PS – The joke was caught on our Nest camera and they liked it so much they are going to save it in case they want to use it in the future.



  1. Donna Dell says:

    Loved this! Epic!

  2. Gloria N says:

    OMG! That is so good!! ha,ha

  3. Martha Whitten says:

    Poor babies. They will never forget this day, Mom! Watch out for next year.

  4. SO funny! Those poor girls! LOL!

    You know what’s REALLY sad?? They actually made the kids do three make-up Saturdays down here in Virginia Beach two years ago! Can you believe it?!

  5. Ohhhhh myyyyy! I laughed so hard I cried….! I would have caved MUCH sooner!

  6. funny, but perhaps you let it go on too long…I would have fessed up much sooner. Daughter’s tears were real, and pretty heartbreaking. Sometimes humor can mask a bit of ugliness.

  7. I love it and they still didn’t no think it was funny! I love it that your son wanted to get the all details from you while the girls had their meltdown!

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