My Thanksgiving Tablescape

I had so much fun decorating for Fall and Thanksgiving this  year. It’s like playing for me! Before you see my pictures you should know that my least favorite color EVER is orange. It’s just not my favorite. But, I do think an orange tree in the fall is amazing and orange pumpkins are organically beautiful. I could have done white pumpkins, but I thought that was getting a bit overplayed so I went old school.

What is such a blessing this year is that on Thanksgiving I will have my best friend, Rachel, here from Colorado. We have known each other since pre-school and have walked through every broken road and every happy event together. I am feeling so blessed to be sharing my Thanksgiving with her.

Back to my decor…

My table is a variety of orange hues and texture, including brass, copper, gold mercury, wood twigs, orangey everything, yellow wheat and off white candles and old books. I pulled pieces from all over my house and my decor closet where I keep a stash of fun stuff. The cute fabric pumpkins came from Target. Yeah, Target! They are doing good things over there.

Here’s my table scape.


















So much fun. And I actually like the orange. Here is a little picture of my Holly Golightly Halloween costume complete with Cat. I’m pretty sure I’ll be the same thing next year 🙂


  1. Cristen, I feel the same way you do about orange! But it’s okay for Halloween and Fall! I love your tablescape. I especially love that dish full of candy corn! I hunted and hunted for some candy corn this fall and by the time Halloween had come it was all gone every place I looked. I don’t especially like to eat it but it is so festive looking in a glass dish or jar.

    What a pretty orange cat with amber eyes you have. He/She looks like quite a good-sized one, too. I have a long-haired all-black cat who would look perfect posed beside a pumpkin for Halloween but she doesn’t buy it! No way, she says.

    I hope you have a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Apologies for mis-spelling your name Christen.

  3. Sending you and your family wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving! Relax and count your blessings. Thank you for posting your beautiful table setting.

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