…my vintage fair finds

I told myself that I was not going to come home with a large piece of furniture. I shocked myself by sticking to that. I just don’t have the space and something would have to go if I brought something in. I am happy with where my house is at the moment – although there are times that I wish I could rip out a few kitchen cabinets to fit in a weathered cupboard. I don’t think DH is ready for that yet.

I let myself wander a bit at the market and picked up a few things I could carry myself to my car – albeit many trips. The thing with markets like this is that it is a gamble if you wait to buy a piece. If you hesitate thinking the next vendor may have a better price or you may find something cooler, you could lose the item…and be rather cranky about it. I had a small list in my head of what I was after: old cutting boards, a tobacco basket (even though I sold mine a few years back), chippy windows, and grain sack. I have to say, I stuck to this list for the most part.

Here’s the cute canvas bag they gave to VIP goers.


My grain sack purchases came from MMS. She had a huge line even 15 minutes in, but when I saw what I wanted I decided to wait regardless. Her tent was fabulous.




If you compare grainsack pillow prices on Etsy to what MMS sold for you would find that she gives a great deal! I love little stools and I needed another pillow. I believe the pillow price was $44. Wow.

The cutting boards are probably mango wood and not antiques, but they still work for me. I found these and some French lavender at another vendor’s tent.

IMG_0645 IMG_0654


Here are the windows that I was after. I bought two smaller ones for $20 each and then found the large ones with the neat hardware two for $75.

IMG_0679 IMG_0682



I must say that although I love the tobacco basket, I do think I paid too much. I paid $225. It was not until I went to the very next tent that I saw a few for half that price. Oh well. This one did have some great print on it. These baskets are so good for wall decor.



The last two items are a galvanized bucket for $10 and a little, chippy stool for $20.




Although I did not purchase the orange cat found in most of these images, I do appreciate his interest in my finds.


  1. I have three windows hanging on various walls in my home. The first one I picked up 15 years ago at an antique store in WI. I made the men who replaced our windows save each one of them, I have a multi paned one sitting on my buffet leaning on against the wall. Curious, what are you doing with yours?

  2. Naomi S. says:

    I assumed you were photographing the haul at your home and that the cat was yours. I tho’t him/her being in the pictures was cool. You could almost caption each one, imagining what the cat is thinking! LIke in the image where cat is smelling lavendar: Mmmn, yummy! But what do you do with it? Eat? And the one with the tobacco basket, where cat is looking backwards: You must be kidding; you paid HOW MUCH for this old thing? Cat adds interest to photos, I think! And you scored fabulously! Nice stuff!

    And, yes, as Jan asks above, what DO you do with those old windows. I’ve seen them used as frames for pictures and other things, but wonder what else people are using them for.

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much about the price of your tobacco basket. Yes, they can be purchased for less, but not in that great condition and neat script/paint combo on the side. Also, as a retailer, I have come across reproductions that would retail at the $200 price point. I think it was a good purchase and look forward to seeing how you use it!

  4. Charlotte grossarth says:

    How do you handle the lead paint problem?

  5. Hello Christen:
    I’m addicted to your blog. I’m totally fascinated with your style. Since I see your blog for the first time I been looking for a card catalog BUT so far not luck. Nothing like that I have found in South Texas. Do you mind sharing the size (measurements) of the little drawers? I would like to try to convince my husband on maybe try to build one for me. Do they have like a fancy rail system to open and close? I know those are going to be the questions he is going to ask me so I want to be ready.
    Thank you soooo much and continue inspiring us your readers!
    Blessings and good luck!

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