…nest gifts

It was a very merry Christmas for the Benstens of Trinidad. It began for me a few days early when sweet Meg gave me a very sweet gift.

I opened the package with care to reveal a nest necklace with 3 varied “eggs” inside. For me there is nothing better than a gift where the person really considers me and my loves & interests. It says I know you and I thought of you enough. What is even more special about the dear necklace is that Meg made it herself. I have to admit I am not good at accepting gifts and was almost at a loss for words. Thank you Meg for your thoughtfulness. We are grateful to have you in our lives. Meg is also the author of the blog “The Painted Branch“. Check her out!

The other nest gift that I want to mention was given to me on Christmas Eve. It was rather heavy and curious when wrapped under the tree.

Please, before looking at the picture I feel the need to write in bold caps: GAG GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAG GIFT. GAG. GAG GIFT. GAG.


On opening the gift I was at first not sure whether or not to respond with pleasantries. That is until I heard the cackle of my SIL and her family, the Schonies. You may remember them from posts such as “my SIL who bit it chasing my daughter”. I thought the Bensten gag gifts had died with the chaos of in-laws & babies, but oh no, and I have to say I loved my gift. Similar to Meg’s it was really considered and thought about. They had to go to the second hand store, find an ash tray that looked like a nest and collect eggs from their Easter stash in the basement, attic or dollar store. Not sure. Effort was made and as silly as it is I love my new nest. I still struggle with where to place the piece because I worry that not everyone may see the humor and may just think I’ve lost it 🙂

Thanks for for the nests, Ladies. I will try my best to live up to your creativity for next year.



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