…new coffee table

I have been looking for a new coffee table casually for a few years. When I say “casually” it means I haven’t had a total bee in my bonnet like I usually do when I feel like I NEED something.

I was convinced to make the plunge after staying at a Four Seasons Hotel over spring break. They had a reclaimed wood coffee table and although I’ve seen them before for some reason this was the clencher for me. IMG_9081

I ordered the medium-sized one and sometimes I think I should have gone larger. I knew I wanted to have it to really use instead of just put things on to look pretty. My kids want a place to put their puzzles and games.


Yes, there is a child in this photo and yes, that is Wylie Coyote on the television.





There are a few things that I am learning about this type of natural reclaimed wood. It is not very forgiving when it comes to water spots and the like. I have done my research and I have a few choices. I could seal it with a matte poly or a beeswax, but the color will deepen and I’m not sure I want that. Or I could leave it as is and let the marks become part of the rustic look. I could always sand them out if I got sick of them.


The water marks do not look like your typical water rings. They integrate a bit more into the wood. So, I’m not sure yet what I will do. I may even just use my ASCP clear wax. I’ll be sure to let you know!



  1. Where did buy the table?

  2. Judy Sanscartier says:

    It’s beautiful Christen. It fits perfectly into your room!. It was meant to be!!
    Btw, please tell me what colour and brand of paint is on your wall in that room!

  3. Yes….WHERE did you order from? Love it.

  4. They have similar tables at restoration hardware. I have loved this table for a long time. Can you tell me where you bought yours from? Love Love Love.

  5. They have similar tables at restoration hardware is this from there? I have loved this table for a long time. Can you tell me where you bought yours from? Love Love Love. Thank you.

  6. Jeanne L says:

    Very nice and perfect for that room! I would just have a few coasters underneath & available for the kids/adults to use. It’s beautiful, I’d hate to see it marred with waterspots. Normal wear and tear shouldn’t hurt it too much – but drinks & food might. Lovely piece!

  7. Love it, Christen!

  8. Dorothy Durbin says:

    Love, love, love it!!!

  9. Melissa says:

    Yes, please tell us where you got this from!!! Love!

  10. Brenda Bijak says:

    This looks like the one a friend of mine has. She bought hers at Living Spaces. Love the look! Very pretty.

  11. Where is this table from I love!

  12. Restoration Hardware? 😉

  13. I saw a table just like this one at Luckett’s Spring Market!! I fell in love with it too! It’s Gorgeous!

  14. Beverly says:

    Hi Christen! Can you share with me where I can find the gorgeous greenery sphere? I need a large one to fit into an olive bucket I found. I just can’t find one as large as this one appears to be.

  15. Please tell us where you got your table? Ive wanted a reclaimed wood one like this also!

  16. Hi guys,
    I just wanted to let you all know that Joss & Main has a table just like this one for sale now. It’s under ” A stoies Past” the Aberdeen Coffee Table and only $322.00

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