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So, it’s about time that I let you in on a little secret of mine, I am designing a new home on a lake and it happens to ours. I say this with all the modesty in the world because I’m scared of all negative judgement. All I can say is that God has always taken care me. I don’t know why and I don’t always know how, but He continues move aside the storm clouds and shine down on our family. And what’s more, I feel like He continually is proud of me for letting my own light shine and not hide it under a bushel – this means everything. No more shame, no more hiding – just living my life as bravely as I can.


I want you to know about it because I am getting slowly emotionally invested in the home and it’s occupying my headspace. This process has really made me think about where I spend my time, how I want to live the next half of my life (I’m almost 40) and on a much lighter note – design trends.

I have to say that when I set out on this Blue Egg Brown Nest journey there were, what felt like, only a handful of other painters and dealers out there that were doing what I was doing and had made a name for themselves. You can see for yourself that the painted furniture and rustic look are much more main-stream. I think it is great in one regard because it is now so accessible to people where it was not when I was starting out. I remember hunting for some tall topiaries and it was near impossible to find them. Now, I can rattle of at least four major retail shops that I could order them online today!

Again, trends shifting is not a bad thing, but just to tell you a bit more about my personality, I like to be a tad different and unexpected. I want to be a little ahead of the curve in my home and in my clothes and in my earrings and in my recipes, etc. Trends change and I think that’s what keeps me excited because it is always fresh. This new project of mine is allowing me to explore some other avenues of design, while still incorporating my own taste.

I will talk more about trends this week, but I think in order for a creative person to continue to create, they have to continue to move forward. It sounds really basic, but to stay sedentary is not a good thing for this gal. I’m a very curious person and I like trying out new things.

I’m excited to have you come along with me in this next pursuit and I think you will be interested because it’s very similar to where I was when we built our current home and had no budget for furniture or decor. Here I am again challenged with a clean slate and ever so excited about it.

I’d love for you to join me.



  1. Sharon Smith says:

    Congratulations! That is such exciting news and you DESERVE it! You are a blessing to everyone and love the Lord and He cares for you. You let your light shine and God honors that. What fun you will have decorating your new home. I am excited to follow this journey with you.

  2. Donna Dell says:

    Can’t wait! Good for you!

  3. Big love to u and ur family! Sounds like an adventure 🙂

  4. Cláudia Ferreira says:

    Congratulations! And here we are with you and yours dreams!!!! Keep Going!!!! We are just by your side even so far away! Xo

  5. You once suggested fake it till you make it. Well your certainly making it and not faking it. Love following your journeys. Thank you.

  6. Lori Cunningham says:

    So happy for you and your beautiful family!!! Would LOVE to see how you will decorate it. I know it’s going to be spectacular!!! ☺Enjoy the journey!!!

  7. Lynette says:

    So excited for you, we too just bought a house on a lake, last week, and when I say house, I use that word loosely! Its a real teardown, that we’re going to fix up!
    We have more love, enthusiasm, hope and determination than money, so our journey will not be smooth. My hubby works 7 hard days a week and I work at just getting up everyday and keeping the dark clouds away……….The creative process is my medication…..you are one of my greatest inspirations….I know that I will definitely be following along with you!

  8. Michelle Szoldatits says:

    SOOOOO happy for you and your family. You deserve your Happy Place on a lake. Congrats!!!

  9. Kathy Jenkins says:

    Thank you for taking your followers on your new journey. You definitely inspire me. I’m excited and very happy for you. Let the inspiration begin.

  10. Looks like we are sharing the same vibe today. I just posted a long post on my facebook page about owning your own narrative. Be authentic to yourself, own your truth.

    Good luck with the new project. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

  11. Looking forward to seeing your designs! Your previous designs have always inspired me to think outside the box with my own small business! I too am always trying to think ahead and that is what makes design so exciting! I have decided people are always going to have an opinion, negative or positive, about your work and that is ok because it means your getting their attention! Good Luck with your new endeavors!

  12. I, like you, always want to be a bit different and I’m often ahead of the curve. I feel that my own personal style is the fashion right now and that can only lead to it very soon being “old fashioned” The Lake House sounds fabulous and I’m very excited to see where you are going with this project, as I’m sure I will adore it xx

  13. Suzanne G says:

    So excited for you to see what you do next! I’m in a similar position in some ways…we purchased a home near the beach in NC last year (we also have an apt. in Arlington, Va) and I’m going through a lot of changes in my life. I’ve recently decided to make my NC home my primary residence. Scary and exciting times ahead. I’m looking forward to following your story and being inspired by your journey.

  14. Sarah English says:

    That’s so exciting. Yes, I definitely want to read all about your adventures as you feather the lake house nest. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  15. Kathy Riddle says:

    Wonderful! So exciting to keep life interesting. Remember, there is just a fine line between a rut and a groove!

  16. That is so awesome. You should never be afraid of when others judge, it is their problem not yours. There is nothing wrong with God blessing you. I am happy for you and can’t wait to see what the house is going to look like.

  17. The thought that anyone would judge another’s joy is beyond me. So happy for you and cannot wait to travel this new journey “with” you! Blessing bring blessings!

  18. Charlotte grossarth says:

    Wonderful exciting news and NOW is the time for you and your family to do this while your children are still young. Time flies children grow quickly and before you know it they are living lives of their own…build your life…enjoy it now if you can with your family. I don’t understand why you seem to be concerned about what other people think or say. There are those who work hard and then there are those that just do what they have to do to get by. Those who work hard can reap the benefits by giving their family things they all can enjoy together. I am sure your husband works hard. SO ..now go reap and enjoy!!! LIfe is to short for the other stuff!

  19. So Exciting…I’m decorating a cottage on a lake….Can’t wait to go on this journey with you and get some ideas!! Congratulations.

  20. Valerie Buck says:


  21. Sooo excited for you and for family! Embrace it and enjoy the ride on this new adventure! AND thank you for allowing us to come along with you!

  22. Wonderful…On another note my husband and I will be moving in our new home we call “The Bunkhouse” We call it that because we will be living on the 180 acres that our two horses have called home for the last 3 years…We will also be putting up are barn for them and events…Happy Day…We are both “Over The Moon” hikchik

  23. Naomi S says:

    Your post is inspiring to me because I tend to be the type of person who wants to stay put, not particularly interested in trends or being out in front of anything. I like my old things that I’ve had forever and that were in my family. I would call you a trend-setter; I am not! I do, however, have a good bit of curiosity, so that saves me from being entirely stuck in the mud and stodgy. And lately, I have been wanting to purge a little bit. Just a wee bit, you understand!

    Anyway, I am excited for you on your new adventure and am anxious to see what you choose in terms of being ahead of the crowd. I think it will stretch my internal boundaries and that’s a good thing. I hope all goes smoothly for you as you embark on this new adventure. I’ll be taking it all in!

  24. alejandra cartin says:

    Congratulations!!! I am very excited to see all the new projects you will have on this new place and look forward to see them. Because of course you will share them with us! 🙂 don’t you?
    I wish you the best and hope God keeps on blessing you and your family a lot.

    Saludos, from Costa Rica

  25. Congratulations on your new home, your new designs projects and for living your life for Lord. I believe He wants to bless all of us beyond our wildest dreams so you deserve everything that your family has been blessed with!

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