…New Year – 5 New Home Decor Solutions

Hi Friends.

I’ve missed you and hope that you’ve had a lovely holiday with your family & friends. I’ve been blessed to have quite a few interior design clients since starting Blue Egg Brown Nest. In my consultations and services I have noticed some reocurring themes in client’s needs and I thought it would be helpful to discuss some easy & very common design needs & EASY solutions. I’m going to do 5 days of Home Decor Solutions. It’s a perfect time to refreshen your homes for the new year and while items are on sale. It’s worth investing the bit of money & time because your home is your oasis and should be your happy place. You should enjoy what surrounds you after coming in the door from what can be a cold, cruel world.

#1 Window Treatments

Someday over the rainbow we will all have gorgeous, expansive windows like this where we will not need any fabric surrounding their beauty, but alas most of us have a more ordinary window to frame.

I have always found window treatments to be very confusing. Measuring, fabric, color. Where to start?! Yes, you could go custom and have them made at your an upholstery shop or Calico Corners. This means you will have to pick out the right fabric that goes with your room & seating, etc. Yes, you could order from Smith & Noble, but you have to get the right measurements and will spend a pretty penny. If you want an easy fix that will look fresh, go with curtain panels. It’s a straightforward, easy solution that will create texture in your space and softness. They are important.

There are some simple rules with curtain panels – all shown in this beautiful room above.

Hanging, Pooling, Color, Fabric.

HANGING. Notice how how the curtain rod is set. You flip through your favorite design magazine and you will see the same thing. This is to make the windows seem larger than they may be and the ceilings higher. So set your rods high – at least a foot above the window molding. Yes, this means you need a longer curtain.

POOLING. You want your curtain panels to be long enough that they almost cuff like a pant on the ground. They need to pool, which means you will need a long panels. If you hang them too short they will look like short pants – if you know what I mean.

COLOR. Be kind to yourself and don’t try to pick a pattern. You will get sick of it and need to replace the panels in 3 years tops before they look dated. Go with a solid. Then go with a light color. I personally want as much light in my rooms as possible. So if I pick a light color the windows will seem to let in the most sunlight. Ahhh, don’t we all want that? (Obviously there are exceptions when you are trying to darken a room or in need of privacy.)

FABRIC. When choosing a fabric go light. Cotton, silk, linen. We are trying to create light & air, connecting the outdoors with our indoor living. If you choose something heavy like a velvet the room will seem heavier, darker. Oh, and velvet has that nasty habit of collecting dust and fading more easily. Take it from the girl that purchased 2 velvet green chairs in her early decorating.

Check online, Pottery Barn has some great choices or you may even find some at your Ikea as I have. You will want 2 panels per window PLEASE! Don’t try to use one and pull it to the side. It will seem unsymmetrical and it just doesn’t work. Measure your windows to include that extra fabric and follow the other rules. You will be happy for many years and the room will feel more finished and homey.

Got Questions? Post & I’ll answer!

Tomorrow is #2 Rugs!




  1. Thanks for the great tips! I do have a question for you. The bedrooms in our house each have one short window – like, probably, 4ft wide by only 3ft tall. Would you still do floor length panels on that size window or would you do more of a valance or roman shade? The previous owners had short panels that ended about 6in below the window and they just don’t look right. Any suggestions?


  2. I was just wondering if you have painted any floor with annie sloan pain. I was thinking of tearing out my kitchen floor and painting it. I have been doing alot research but have not found one person yet that has tried it yet.

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