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I got a call from famed photographer Helen Norman that One King’s Lane is planning on using the photo of my dining room that was printed in Cottage Style Magazine in the near future. If you see it before I do – let me know! Thanks again, Helen & Charlotte (Stylist & writer)!

Image 18


  1. Christen,
    The multi drawer cubby you purchased from The Cottage looks beautiful in your home!
    Congrats on your success.

    The Cottage

  2. I just viewed your tutorial where you weathered the oak table. Did your table have a veneer top? I am unsure if the chalk paint will adhere to veneer and wanted advice before I ventured further. Thanks for your help

  3. モンブランでは、万年筆の生産工程のほとんどは1924年当時と変わらず、現在に至っても多くが手作業で行なっています。

  4. I love your dining room, where did you get your long aqua colored curtains?

  5. Looks like I am way late her but my wife and I have been looking for a dining room table and chairs for 2 years and haven’t been able to find what we are looking for!! Well, this is it. Is this table and chairs for sale ? I imagine not being that this looks to be a few years old but would you be able to recreate the table and chairs to sell to us ?

  6. Lisa Vaughn says:

    I love the rug,where can I get the exact rug?

  7. Louise eversman says:

    Who makes this table and chairs? Just what I’ve been looking for

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