…pine bookcase

I heart a good bookcase. In fact, when I was 12 I asked for a glass enclosed bookcase for my birthday. Well, I had to put all my Emily Dickinson & e.e. cummings collections somewhere. I’m still in love with them – bookshelves & books.

I posted the bookshelf on my FB page and heard back from my sweet friend Kristen and now it is in her beautiful home! You may remember Kristen from Sweetheart Silhouettes. She did these gorgeous ones for me of my babies!


PS – If you’ve inquired about some of the pieces coming soon to the Shop section that I posted Monday I have most of them up with prices and dimensions. Thx!


  1. Katherinne says:

    Another Great work!thankx for The inpiration!x

  2. kristina flores says:

    is this pine bookshelf for sale?


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