…purists beware

I even hesitate to post this because I have a slight case of painter’s remorse. But, eye on the prize. I wanted a large wardrobe in my bedroom for the TV and finding a handsome one is hard to come by.

It was over my budget, but worth it, I’d say.

I know, I know. It’s beautiful as is and how dare I touch it with a paint brush!

But, there comes a time when you say to yourself, “Self, would I use this piece in its natural state?” The answer was no. My DH even tried to get me to sell it and the answer was no.

Now that it is in my bedroom in a neutral that will match the state of mind I’m trying to create in there (calm), I am deeply in love & devoted to her.

I looked at a few shops to find the piece that I wanted in the size, shape & color. One site I found called a similar finish “tea stained”. As a big time tea drinker, I loved that.

I am hoping that my kids do not discover that this piece opens as I’m sure their hide & seek games will send them right through the bottom of it! My handy DH is working on building a back that will hold our TV and a shelf for some extra goodies.

Yes, this is my 3rd cat, Shelly, whom you hardly ever catch a glimpse of as she normally hides from those orange tiger-striped boys, Ollie & Owen.

Oh, you fluffer-nutters.

If you want to fall in love with an old piece of brown furniture and turn it into something you adore & use, email me: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com


Blue Egg Brown Nest will be showing at The Luckett’s Spring Market, May 19th & 20th from 10:00 – 5:00.


  1. The Lion and The Witch and The Wardrobe?

  2. Pretty…now can you share the name/place you purchased the blue throw. I’m looking for one just like it!!
    Thanks – love the kittie too:)

  3. WOW I love it!!! Send it my way please!! I would love one for my bedroom!!!

  4. Man, I have been looking for that…what a wonderful find you got! It is perfect for the spot and I love the color! You did good…love it…
    don’t we all paint dark pieces of furniture?? I started painting about 3 months ago, well 5, and I am addicted to how dark furniture changes…tempting to paint it all….

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