Hi Friends! Here are my answers to your questions. Hope it helps.

You say you put a water glass on your nightstand and you don’t get water rings.  How many coats of wax should I put on the top of a dresser or nightstand and how long do you let it dry between coats?

Yes, I have many table tops that are chalk painted, including my nightstand. I put an icy water glass & cup of tea on it every night. I still do not have rings. I used a complete coat of clear wax and let dry for a few days. I find that the more I let the piece dry the more comfortable I feel about really using the surface.


Did u buy the special brush or did u just use a good paint brush?

I use many brushes. Annie Sloan makes some beautiful oval brushes that I love for the large surface areas. I also have a few smaller synthetic brushes that I’ve purchased from the hardware store that I do love to use for the small crevices. It’s important to find a brush that will not shed on you. Also, if you use a good brush you will cut down on the brush strokes that can sometimes be seen when painting furniture.


Is it hard to use it on chairs? I want to I my kitchen chairs( they are all different and are currently crackle painted) in like a cream color but didn’t know how hard it would be and also how much paint it would take?

My kitchen chairs have all been painted. Yes, with 3 kids they wear some on the seat, but the whole look is that aged and distressed look so I think it enhances it. In a few years I may change my mind and refresh them. It is furniture after all and no piece of furniture stays in perfect condition forever. If painting will lighten up your kitchen space and enhance the chairs overall look then please paint them! 🙂

“….also what do you think the paint would look like on a bathroom medicine cabinet that has a mirror in it?”


I have some shutters that are painted white and I plan to repurpose them into a table. Can I just distress them using the dark wax and sanding, or will they need to be repainted with Annie Sloan first?

Love this idea. You can totally leave whatever paint is on them and sand/distress them until you reach the desired look. I would then recommend using the clear wax on top IF you plan on dark waxing them. The reason for this is that the dark wax will not go on smooth if there is not a coat of clear underneath. It will skid and be blotchy without it.

Has dark wax been used on most of the pieces featured on your website?  The color and finish of your pieces look different than mine 

Yes, I use a bit of dark wax in the places that I want to look aged like the corners and any details. I DO NOT use it on the large surface areas and if you do they may come out looking muddy. Careful.


One question, will the waxing seal in the finish so that water or liquid will not ruin it once complete?

Yes. See above.

I just bought a beautiful empire dresser from the 1840’s that I plan on painting Duck Egg Blue. I don’t love the drawer pulls, but they are original. Would you paint them, replace them or leave them as is? 

My rule of thumb is that if you have really cool, interesting original hardware then take it off, paint your piece and then put the hardware back on. If the hardware is brassy and cheap-looking or distracting to the overall look of the piece then paint it.

When you paint the back of a piece of furniture or the inside of the drawers, do you wax these areas, too?  

No, I do not wax the back of a piece and I do not paint or wax the inside of the drawers. The back of a piece will not see the same type of wear as the other bits. I don’t feel like the inside of the drawers need to be painted and I very rarely see it done.

I was wondering your opinion on colour choice. How do you go about choosing the correct colour? And also I sand back to the wood to give the antique look. Can you use the dark wax to make this pop or should you only use dark wax on items that have detail.

If I am using a piece in my own home I tend to stick to the neutral colors. I prefer these, but also love that when I change around my home a table can work in the dining room or living or family room if it is a neutral. If you have a special set or piece that you want to highlight then you can get adventurous, but I would advise you to think about the design of the entire room and how it will fit in. Dark wax is not to add a “pop”. Rather, it makes that area look more aged. Use sparingly.

I just painted two chairs with Country Gray and have some awful bleeding. What kind of shellac did you use? What brand?

Terribly sorry! It happens though. I use  Zinsser

Zinsser Clear Shellac

I am painting the inside of a cabinet that has a varnish finish.  Will the paint stick to that or should I sand and or prime it first?  

No need to prep the piece. Just paint!

In your opinion, can I make this work with dark couches and dark brown hardwood floors? I can’t seem to find any pictures to match the idea I have in my head!

Do you sell chalk paint and the wax that goes over it?

No, I am not a stockist. I go to Stylish Patina in my area and she also sells online. Do a Google search to see if there is one in your area.

I have a room with pine paneling from the 1940’s.  It has a glossy finish that has aged to a orange-ish tint.  I want to lighten and brighten the room by whitewashing the wood so the grain shows through.  Will ASCP work on paneling?  Any tips?  Any warnings?

I have only tried the whitewashing technique on real wood so to be honest I do not know how it would look on paneling. If you want the wood to show through I imagine diluting your paint will acheive this. I have seen wood paneling Chalk Painted and it looks great. Good luck!

How do you deal with pieces that have veneer?

I paint as I would any piece. Sanding/distressing is where you will have the issue. Basically, don’t. Only sand when you have real wood to sand down. Otherwise you will see it is veneer underneath and it’s not pretty.

Any tips for photographing furniture…your pictures are great-lighting, quality of photo,etc…and mine are horrible and I need help! So, what kind of camera do you use, and any lighting tips?

I used to use my iphone because it was all I had. I then invensted in a more expensive Canon and it’s really improved my photos. If you are going to be taking lots of photos it is really worth the investment. When I’ve had my home photographed for the various articles, the photographer always turned off any lighting and used their own or none at all. So, I try to find a time of day where the image will not look dark and turn off my lights to shoot. You will really need to experiment.

Small Room Design

My question is, here in B.C Canada Annie’s Chalk paint is going to cost me $50 for 1 liter. This paint is the route I want to take refinishing a piece I have but I wondering on a larger hutch, will 1 liter do? Do different pieces soak up the paint more bases off original finish of the piece? Im just having a hard time investing hundreds of dollars in paint in 1 piece and want on idea on how well the can stretches.

Here in the States stockist sell quarts of ASCP for about $38 a can. If I am doing a large hutch I may use one quart. Yes, it is not cheap compared to other paints, but keep in mind that with Chalk Paint you will not have to do any prepping of your piece and you also have very quality colors to choose from. You should not be spending “hundreds” on materials for one piece. Probably a $38 can, a half can or 3/4 can of clear wax and maybe a TBSP of dark wax.

How do you get our brushes so clean?

I use dish soap and soak overnight or lye soap. I actually made my own lye soap and shaped them into little blue eggs (I was going to start selling them. You never know, I will may).

I would like to paint my bathroom vanity with Annie Sloan paint.  Is this paint OK to use in the bathroom?

I always refer to the fact that Annie Sloan herself painted her retail shop in her Chalk Paint. However, if it were me and a high-traffic bathroom I would prefer granite for the top of the sink. I would totally paint the doors and cabinet part, but granite for the top.

I was wondering if you can paint with Annie Sloan paint while you’re pregnant? I just bought a few quarts to paint a dresser but the cans say for pregnant woman to avoid exposure. Also is it a lead based paint?

No, Chalk Paint is not lead based and is environmentally friendly.

I have two small children and I’m concerned about the about the ability to clean it. Would you still use one coat of wax? Or would you use something else? This would be out everyday table, not just for occasional use.

I have painted many tables with Chalk Paint for families with small children. Yes, you only need one coat of clear wax and let it sit for a few days until it is not sticky, but smooth. Like any table, it will show wear after time, but you will be happy with the everyday use.

Image 4

I have a buffet I painted for myself years ago with latex based paint and I distressed it. But now that I have discovered chalk paint and I love the clear wax, with the dark wax finish. Do you know if the waxes work over the latex type paint?

Yes. If you want to keep your latex paint and just do the waxing process over it you should have no trouble.

How do you maintain the pieces after they’ve been painted and waxed? Do you need to use any special cleaners, and does the wax need to be reapplied in the future?

Again, furniture wears whether it’s painted or not. I’ve had my pieces for over 10 years and still have not had to refresh any of them – and every single room in my house has a piece of painted furniture in it! I’ve used most every day cleaners on my pieces including clorox wipes and pieces stand up no problem.

Can i dark wax over clear 2-3 days after i do the clear wax. basically is there a time limit to when you have to put the dark wax over the clear.

Yes! You could have a piece sitting in your living room and realize that it would look better with a bit of dark wax and at that time you could totally do it. There is not time limit on using the dark wax.

Once you start, did you feel like you had to paint EVERYTHING?

Yes! Especially if you’ve been living with pieces that you hate or are too dark or are hand-me-downs and just don’t fit into your style. It’s an easy & quick fit and get definitely get addicting.

Where did you get or how did you come up with the name Blue Egg Brown Nest?? I think of that every single video. It’s driving me crazy.

Ha! I’ll do a post on it 🙂


Got questions? Email me and I’ll post. cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com


  1. Mary Jo Brown says:

    When you are painting a large area ( Dinning room table), what type of brush do you use or do you prefer using a roller.


  2. Hello Christen. I just discovered your blog yesterday through a Google search of tutorials on Annie Sloan. Your You Tube tutorials are wonderful. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into sharing your knowledge with us. Have a great day! Sue

  3. Donna Troxler says:

    Love your website…I get so much inspiration from your videos and website. I recently paint a small side table with Paris Grey. I then sanded the edges waxed it and buffed. I didn’t love it. So I read on the was can that you can mix wax with paint. Mixed was with pure white and put a thin layer over the grey. It looks amazing like it was left in a chateau’s garden for years and was bleached by the sun. I am going to do my old cherry hutch the same way.

  4. Christen, I am in love with your blog!!! My frind Maggie actually found it for me:) I live in Louisiana, and I currnetly started my own home-bassed business(Ramsey Rogers Designs) refurbishing furniture with the ASCP!! You have been such an inspiration and you blog has helped me tremndously!!! I’m in the process of creating a web-site, and I recently rented a small booth at a flea market. I look forward to seeing what new info and projects you add all the time! I just wanted to share that with you! you never know maybe I’ll be so lucky to be able to meet you one day!:)) Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!!

  5. Barbara Ann says:

    I have several pieces, OK lot’s of pieces awaiting my paint brush. But I kept putting it off till now. I read all your Q&A’s and I feel more confidant.
    But here’s the last thought I had, no spray urathane or varnish? Just use the wax, either clear or dark? This will help with wear and water drops?
    I am OK with the daily life & wear, it’s all about real life. But I do want it to look good and be able to clean up. We entertain a lot!!

    Thanks Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading

    Barbara Ann

  6. How do you weigh your items to determine shipping cost?

  7. Can you distress mahogany or any other wood veneer?

    Thank you for your time,

  8. I like the color you used on the dining room table on your home page. (neutral tone-looks off white & brown) what color was that? Is that actually the Chateau Grey?
    Also, have you ever used Annie Sloan on a front door?
    I’m very interested in doing mine.
    Thanks, love your stuff!

  9. How much do you typical charge someone for a dresser?

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