Hi Lovelies! Here are the answers to your questions for the week. Hope they help!

Do you ever paint over previously painted pieces?(ie: latex or spray painted surfaces?)  if so, how do you prepare them for ASCP?

Yes and yes. Check out my Tutorials and Posts. You will find lots of tips and content on the process.


What do you do with wood pieces with big scratches/dents/dings? Do you patch them? Wood filler?  or do you find pieces in good shape?

Yes. If a piece has a huge dent or scratch I use wood filler to fill the piece. Let dry, sand it down and then paint as usual. I will not buy a broken piece because repairing it is time-consuming. If a piece has one or two little scrapes I will purchase and repair if worth it.

Have you ever tried mixing paris with duck egg or provence? or would you just recommend mixing one of the blues with a white?”

No, I haven’t. They are fairly close in color. If you are trying to find a lighter color mix with Old White.


You´re right, it´s easy to clean glass from ASCP. But about the wax? I worked on an framed mirror without taping the glass and afterwards it was nearly impossible to get the glass clean again. :-O Any advice?

Yes, you are right. If you get wax on the glass or mirror it can leave streaks. My advice would be to go slowly in these areas when you use your clear wax and use a small cloth that you can control.

I’ve been all over your blog and can’t find any info on waxing cane…same procedure as painting?… lightly put on and wipe off in circles?

You have a choice. You can choose not to clear wax your cane or if you choose to in order to darken the color to match the surrounding wood, then go very lightly in circular motion. Be sure to flip the piece over and clean up any excess wax that may have gone through the holes.

I know red can be tricky with regular paint, just wonder if you have used emperors silk and have any tips?

I actually have never used Emperors Silk, but have used many of the dark colors. Just be aware that they are more finicky to work with. You will want more coats for more coverage. When you clear wax, be sure to use a cloth that will not shed any white bits. I use ripped pieces of my DH’s old t-shirts and they work great. Or use you wax brush. You will also notice that when you sand, you will see more residue. This will disappear after you dry brush it off and apply your clear wax.

Do you have any ‘after’ pictures to share?  I’m getting more comfortable with Annie Sloan paints and waxes, but the Old White and Dark Wax combo is pretty intimidating!  I would love to see your results.

Sure. Yes, when you use your Old White and want to do dark wax the deal is that your dark wax will show up plainly. It is a great look to get a shabby, cottage look, but work slowly. Use your fine steel wool to wipe off the dark wax as you go.


I like the color you used on the dining room table on your home page. (neutral tone-looks off white & brown) what color was that? Is that actually the Chateau Grey?

That was my first dining set and I used Paris Grey.


Also, have you ever used Annie Sloan on a front door?

No, but others have. I would do it in a heart beat as her colors are, in my opinion, better than what you will find at a hardware store.

Some bloggers recommending a very fine steel wool (000/0000 grade) to help get a glossy finish after waxing. But you (and Annie Sloan Herself) said that’s not a good idea. I’ve already wiped it down (immediately after waxing) and plan to buff it tomorrow, so as to give it 24 hours to cure. But then….would you recommend using a really fine grit sandpaper (say, 1000 grit) , instead of steel wool? I’m upcycling a silver ware container into a jewelry box, and I’d like it to have a shinier finish than my Annie Sloan-painted dresser….

Actually, I believe I was the first or one of the first to recommend using the fine steal wool when cleaning up your dark wax. There are others, including Annie Sloan, that do not recommend it due to the dust that it creates. In my opinion, it is the only tool that really cleans it up and smooths the wax down for a cohesive look. I simply wipe off the steal dust after I’m finished. I love it and have never had an issue.

I am wanting to start painting with ASCP. I am going to pick up a few pieces when I find a bargain and just jump in and see what happens. I need to earn some extra money for my family so I hope to resell them. Do you have any advice and is there good money to be made?

This is a hard question for me because when painting like this I encourage people to do it for the love of the craft. Paint because it is soothing and calming and the result is beautiful and you can put your work in your home. Yes, you can sell your pieces and make a bit of money, but I would not plan on quitting your day job to do so. Art should be done for the love of the craft and if money comes then it is a cherry on top.

I recently purchased a mirror that has been painted gold.  Very 1970’s.  I am planning on painting it in Paris Grey.  I just have one quick question…when you wax do you try and get the wax into all those small grooves in the details?  Or do you just wax across the top without getting in the small nooks and crannies?  I am worried about getting clumps stuck in the mirror.

When clear waxing a piece with detail I use my rag and go over the detail. If there are large crevices where you can really see the contrast in color then, yes, I go in there with my finger under the rag and get the wax in there. Keep in mind that the look of a Chalk Painted piece, in my mind, is for it to look loved and worn so if you like what is happening then leave it alone.


Also, do you have any idea if you will be doing the Lucketts sale this spring?  Do you know the dates yet?  I just visited this past weekend and am really looking forward to the spring sale!

Yes! I will be doing the Luckett’s Spring Market this Spring. I love being a part of it. It is at the end of May. I will know the dates early in the year and will post. Hope to meet you there!

I sell pieces I paint with ASCP, at Mission Galleria Antiques. My question is when I fill out my description/price tag should I put that it was painted using ASCP, and the colors I used? Like you said I have to not be afraid to price my items accordingly, and at the same time feel if I put that I used ASCP, then it will justify the cost I have placed on an item. What do you think?

No. If a customer likes your piece they should not care what type of paint you used. You have created something lovely and stand by that. If need be then tell your seller what type of paint you use or put a little framed sign explaining the paint. But, never justify. Just be proud.

Question. If using Annie Sloan chalk paint in the kitchen(as a complete cabinet redo) is just the wax used as a sealer or would polyurethane be used as well?

You can use either. The poly will be a shiny finish. I personally do not want shiny cabinets. I would try the clear wax and see what you think. It’s really about the look you want. If you are distressing and going through the entire Chalk Paint process, then use her clear wax.

Do you have a home tour post that I have missed?

No, I have not done one yet. I’m still wondering if it’s a good idea. It is my home after all and I share a ton of my secrets, but not sure I want to expose EVERYTHING.

I am in the middle of painting the dining room set which was black in Old White and I discovered Annie Sloan has a lacquer for floors.  My question is, do you think I can use this lacquer on my dining room table and chairs to protect it from daily use?  If yes, should I skip the clear was step or do both, clear wax and lacquer??


I have never used her lacquer so cannot speak to it. Anyone have advice?

What brand are the brushes and where did you get them.

My favorite brushes are Annie’s oval. She makes all sizes. I do have a few synthetic small brushes for detail work that I found at my hardware store. 

How do you go about seeing your pieces?  Are they in a store?

No, I have chosen not to be in a store or own a store. I have 3 tiny children and I am so happy & blessed to be able to work from home. It works for me now. Thank you, God. I have an online shop that you can look at my pieces and I do sometimes update on Facebook so be sure to “like” my page. I do not have an open show room. Email me if you are looking for something specific and we can try to find it together.

What form of payment do you accept, i.e. cash/Paypal?  

Paypal, Credit Card, Cash, Check.

Do you stock your hide and seek screens with wood surround and if not, how long to order and what size tv fits behind the screen?

I am currently not building them. My work load is so huge right now that I do not have the time, to be frank. Check back in a few months.

Yes another wax question lol?!  I love using ASCP. After I wax a piece with ASCP wax, I make sure the piece is smooth, not sticky or tacky in the slightest. I’m finding after a couple days the piece is tacky, sticky, and after I touch the piece i can see my fingerprints. Also my pieces seem to show scratches, and scratch very easy. Do you know what I may be doing wrong? I am using lint free paper towels from the stocklist I purchase my paint from. And I put two coats of paint on every piece. Sometimes three. I sell my pieces in an antique shop so I want them to be perfect!

Sounds like you are not buffing the piece well enough. You should have no excess clear wax on your piece. Make sure you buff after you clear wax and then go back and buff some more if needed. You can even go over the piece with fine steel wool to make sure it is completely smooth.




  1. Hi, did you paint your current dining table with ASCP? If so, what colors did you use?

  2. Christen,

    Thanks for all the great answers. I am so glad that you are keeping your home private!! Boundaries! Wonderful choice.


  3. Shelley Turner says:

    Kristen, Thank you so much for all of your help. I’ve been following you for some time now and I’m painting at least one piece a day. My biggest challenge is picking what color to use. I just bought a cane rocker that I’d like to redo. Could you please tell me what color you used on your cane chairs in the picture in front of your fire place? Also, what color (&process) did you use to achieve the look on your dining room table (farmhouse) and the legs of the chairs? Again, thank you for your help. I love your blog!!!

  4. So love reading all the questions and answers. Very helpful for this “Newbie” to ASCP. I painted my first piece last week watching your tutorials and am now finishing my 3rd. Think I am addicted…but they have all come out great. Now I am even considering doing my bathroom cabinets. 🙂 Thanks….just simply love all your helpful posts! 🙂 Keep it up …this stay at home mom is hooked!

  5. Trina Penno says:

    Hi, I am just starting to do some shabby chicing, A childs rocker and some dressers.Your vidoes are every helpful. I was wondering though..have you ever made your own chalk paint & also can you give me a formula for pricing ? I’m not looking to get rich just having fun, but people want to know what I would charge. I want to do my oak kitchen table , but affraid if I dont varathane it too much of the paint will come off. Does the wax really seal it good? thank you

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