…Q’s from tutorials answered

You all are the best! The feedback has been so postive and lovely. Thank you for taking the time to let me know that you are rooting for me. Love to you all.

I wanted to answer some of the questions that I received from readers on the tutorials. Here goes:

“Annie Sloan waxes before she sands. Have you reversed it for a reason?”

Why, yes! It’s due to my lovely children & time management! I personally like to let my wax cue on the piece overnight so it’s not as gooy. You cannot sand over gooy wax because all those little sand particles will just get swooped up on the piece and look muddy and gross. I sand beforehand because it’s one step that I can check off and then I can immediately clear wax the piece without having to wait. I’ve learned alot about efficiency as a mom of 3 and this just works for me!

“Did you ever do a second coat?”

No, I decided not to do a second coat on that dresser because she didn’t want me to. I thought the piece was looking interesting with the dark wood coming through. I thought she wanted to be more on the shabby side. Some pieces don’t, however. If you have a light wood piece of furniture I would suggest doing multiple coats. If it is a lighter piece of wood, when you sand that will come through and may look less antique.

“What if I want to paint the hardware?”

Go for it! A piece can look really cohesive and lovely with the hardware painted. If it’s brassy & ugly paint it!

Do I need Annie Sloan brushes?

Well, yes, kind of. The process will be much easier and your work smoother if you use the right tools. Yes, it is an investment as the brushes run about $40 each for the paint brushes as well as the clear wax and dark wax brush. The materials are not cheap per say, but you will get the best results with the right tools.

Got questions? Post and I’ll answer.





  1. I too sand before waxing. How long do you let a piece, like a chair, sit before waxing.

  2. Brenda Tifft says:

    Hi there! You do such beautiful work and inspire me!

    Question for you…on the piece in the video, did you use ascp then wax then wax again with the dark wax in certain spots?

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