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I had such a wonderful photoshoot on Saturday with talented write/stylist/friend Charlotte Safavi and the amazing Helen Norman. I worked with them on my Cottage Style Magazine shoot and this weekend on a magazine that will come out Christmas time next year. It was such a wonderful day.

Helen is a truly amazing photographer. She also happens to own the most beautiful home & BARN I’ve ever seen.


She is currently working on setting up her space for events. We got to talking and she pitched the idea of having me do a weekend workshop at her barn. I have never done a workshop, but I’ve had lots of requests throughout the years to host one. I love the idea, but I do try to keep balance in my life and with my small kids I know what I can handle. However, this is quite an opportunity.

Check out where it would be held.






Amazing, right?!

My question to YOU is:

Would you all be interested in coming to a Blue Egg Brown Nest workshop?

Would you be up for traveling to Maryland?

Would you be able to bring a small piece of your own to paint?

We did a bit of brainstorming and think that maybe YOU could bring your own small piece to finish during the workshop. We would provide a can of Chalk Paint, clear wax/rag, and a brush. Lunch would be catered.

I’d love to hear any feedback. Thinking Spring.



  1. O my!
    Christen do it! I have a feeling that your hubby will be more than capable to hold the fort for you!
    I would love, love to come to your workshop, so I started praying already, that if it’s a doable thing with Jesus, I’m in! Yes!

    He hasn’t answered me…yet! But you have sparked the desire for me.

    Anyhoo, do it, and I’ll be praying for you as well!

    BBlessed my friend!

  2. YES!!!! YES PlEASE!!!!!! I live in Maryland and admire your work and would love to learn from you!! I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to see you at Lucketts spring market this year! I would be willing to travel as I’m sure others would be!! Thanks Ashley

  3. Oh Yeah!! And I would be coming from California….but given enough time to plan, it could be done. I would just hit a thrift shop or Goodwill to find a piece. I’ve carried a lot of thins on a plane, case of Tahitian beer, set of china, but maybe not furniture..
    But to be able to say I was taught by Christen from Blue Egg…that would be a feather in my cap!! Just give us as much notice as possible. I would need to save. Also think about recommendations for lodging…Waiting to hear! So excited..
    Barbara Ann

  4. Jeanne O'Dowd says:

    Where in Maryland? I would certainly consider coming down from MA.

  5. I would definitely come and I know that my daughter-in-law would come also. I drive to NYC for lunch from Central PA, so a quick trip to Maryland to paint furniture is nothing. Looking forward to it.

    Thank you! Lugene

  6. Yes!! I live in New Jersey but would be willing to go. I absolutely love your work and have been inspired. I think with enough time and planning a could convince hubby that a road trip is needed. Can’t wait!!

  7. What a great idea! I think I could get there from Pennsylvania with no problem!

  8. I live in Richmond,VA and would love to attend and learn from you 🙂

  9. I live in Richmond,va and would love to attend !!! 🙂

  10. That would be awesome! What a beautiful location. Where in Md? I live in Chesapeake City and I know several people from near here who would definitely go!

  11. Uh…yeah…live in Maryland and would love to have this opportunity to learn from you. I have bee painting for about a year now, but still have so much to learn. Now, to find the right piece of furniture……

    Beautiful space!

  12. Hi,
    How could YOU not say yes? That is the most amazing barn not counting her gardens and the view and the pretty “older” fence. Awesome decorating and a dream you need to shout out ‘yes’!

    I live too far away or I’d be first in line to join in.
    I love your blog!


  13. Are you kidding? I’m packing right now! I am obsessed with you, your house,EVERYTHING!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!

  14. I am in Missouri and would love to attend! Would need significant notice so I could schedule off work. I agree with a previous poster that I would stop by a thrift store or search Craigslist prior to coming. I would treasure the instruction and would enjoy meeting you and your followers 🙂

  15. Count me in! Love your work and site. Would be happy to drive out there for the chance to learn from you.

  16. Count me in!

  17. Joanne brown says:

    Would so lve to come but maybe Australia is a little to far away but maybe with plenty of notice…..

  18. Denise Kelley says:

    I would love to take a workshop and yes I would drive to Maryland. I live near Cape May, NJ.

  19. I would come down from NJ and make it a weekend visiting my sister in DC. I love your work and have many pieces waiting to paint with ASCP.

  20. I would attend your workshop if it was in a greasy ‘ole gas station bay just for the opportunity to get hands-on instruction from you. So this gorgeous class location is the cherry on the sundae.

  21. Yes, Yes and YES!!!!

  22. I would be thrilled to attend your workshop!! I follow your blog and just love your work! You are a very talented lady! I just started painting furniture this summer and would love the opportunity to learn from you. My dream is to have a furniture business. I live in Michigan and get travel perks all the time. Think Spring!

  23. Yes!!!! From Philly… It’s not to far! I love to plan head, pick a date already! Your fans will show up at your doorstep! Painting a nice piece old white for my daughters bedroom and picked up phone for a little break! Funny how the universe works!!!!

  24. Yes, I would love to attend!

  25. Hey Christen ~ YES! One of my 2014 goals was to meet you, and obviously at this point, that is not going to happen. Was hoping it was going to be at Luckett’s, but neither of us went. (Everytime I climb up and down my stairs, since your accident, I think of you. Not kidding! Taking cautious steps, I tell you!)
    So…I would LOVE to attend a workshop with you! Yes, Yes, Yes!

    Debra Weaver, Greenville, SC

  26. I will travel to Maryland.
    By donkey if need be.

    I will bring a small piece to paint.
    Even if I have to steal it from my grandmom.

    Would I be interested…
    Well, I would be willing to cross state lines and steal so…I’m thinking yes.


    Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall…all you got to do is call..I’ll come runnin’.

    Count me in 🙂

  27. I also live in Maryland, and would be delighted to attend a workshop — I have admired your work so much for a long time. (And I love the sensitive and charming way you handle your blog…makes me feel you would be a terrific workshop-giver!)

  28. barb dilkens says:

    Love to come from Canada. Planning to be on the east coast 2nd week of May.

  29. What a great idea and what a beautiful location. If I could make it work with my family’s schedule, I’d love to come.

  30. frenchfarmhouseliving.blogspot.com says:

    It seems like so much fun! I would be coming from Connecticut; not too far of a drive!

  31. Christen, YES!! My son lives in McLean, right near you!! So wherever this barn is in MD is just fine, too!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE FOLLOWING YOU!!! I would so love to come to ANYTHING you taught!!! I would either fly and check my “project” or I’d even drive the 8 -10 hours for a workshop with you!!!

  32. I’m so excited!! I even have a friend I’ll pick up in NC to bring WITH me to your workshop at the BARN!!!

  33. Yes yes and yes! I’ll come down from NJ for it.

  34. YES!! I just found you yesterday but I’m already addicted!! I’m in Virginia so I’ll definitely come!!

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