…quick fix series: pillows & inserts

My last quick fix is fairly self explanatory. Paint gives you instant gratification. Pillows are the next best thing.

Step one is to go and buy a few – I’d say at least 4 – pillow inserts. I’ve found the cheapest ones at JoAnn Fabric and Ikea. You can also find them on Amazon & at Pottery Barn.


If you can sew this is your place to shine. Order some fabric online and go to town. I am not a sewer, but even I can fumble my way to a pillow. If you don’t have time to sew then most retail shops sell pillow covers. You can check out your PB shop, but if you want something more interesting then do a search on Etsy.

I do love this one from PB. A pattern like this can be timeless.


I, of course, have my favorite designers.

Jessica from Alelier be makes some beautiful covers from old European grain sacks. I bought these from her for my family room chairs.


You have also see Helkat Designs all over my home. Many of you have asked about the fighting hares pillow. Here you go!


Best part is when the seasons change or you are ready to refresh, all you do is take your cover off and replace. Store them in your linen closet and you can always use them again!



  1. My favorite tip is to buy your feather pillow inserts one size larger than what you want your finished pillow to be. When it is in the smaller cover it is so amazingly full and plush. Best part is when real life happens (um we do use the pillows on the couch) they don’t turn into pancakes, just a tiny fluff and they are as good as new.

  2. I am not a sewer at all, either, but I love to buy the more pricey “Home Dec” fabric samples that JAF sells for 2-4 dollars. I’ll pick out 2 that coordinate and whip up side and bottom seams but so far have left the tops open; I’m not able to sew zippers (yet) or do button holes. A friend said an “envelope” closure is simple, but most of these samples are quite small and don’t lend themselves to that.
    Do you have a tutorial on doing a simple top closure so that I can swap out my covers?
    I love the grain sack ones and I’d like to find plain material so I can use the Graphics Fairy clip art and Artists Transfer Paper on them; great fun on kitchen towels!

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