…refinishing projects

There are quite a few in my garage. I think I have about 8 pieces going at the moment – in all stages.

Sharon’s table.

Mary’s desk.

Elisabeth’s table.

Teri’s chairs.

My sweet Dad comes over on Wed to play with the kids so I can get some painting done.  Many of you Lovelies, in fact, have met him during this time.

Papa, Greta & Bunny.

Rachel’s shutters (that I pressured her into buying at Lucketts!)

Including, of course my 9 ft church pew – which you will hear more about later.

Thank you for trusting me with all your beautiful pieces!






  1. Don’t you love grandparents. They are the best!!! You didn’t pressure me into the shutters at all 😉 I like them a lot and will LOVE them painted!

  2. Looks like MY studio! (except of course, I am not working on furniture…)

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