…respect the rainbow

I take a cycling class with a hilarious & always entertaining teacher. She takes us on a fictitious race each class and if nothing else it makes the time pass quickly.

Occasionally, she has us slow and walk as we “Respect The Overlook.” I hear that. So, the other night when I thought all my kids were sound asleep, I heard them scampering down the stairs shouting “RAINBOW!” I admit I got as excited as they were. We went out to the driveway where the rain was still coming down and stared in awe at the double rainbow above our home.



I know it’s a bit hard to see in a photo.

Very few things in this life are as stunning as a rainbow. And because it is so rare & so fleeting is what makes it magical. I just had to stop today to breath and Respect The Rainbow.




  1. Betty in Arlington says:

    It was glorious!

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