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Hi Loves!

I hope you are having a lovely summer as I am. We have been spending our days on the water and traveling a bit – it’s been a wonderful change of pace for our family. But, you are always close to my mind, Dear Readers. I’m having fun on Instagram if you want to follow some of my adventures #blueeggbrownnest.

I wanted to let you in on a few little finds that I’ve discovered as I start to decorate the lake house. One of the first things I’ve worked on is bedding. My bed has always been a soft, safe place to land. Even during a crazy day I try to find time to sneak up to my room to lie my head down for at least a few minutes to collect myself.

I love puffy white bedding, but I wanted to explore using pattern and creating a bit of a different vibe in the master – and really in the entire house. I think bedding is always a good place to start. I poured over Pinterest and catalogues until something caught my eye on a One King’s Lane email distro, Roberta Roller Rabbit. What a silly name! I kind of love it. It was inspired by an Indian fable and created by a gal named Roberta that opened her flagship in NYC. Next to the name were all these wonderful patterns.


I cannot help being drawn to color despite all the preaching I do on neutrals. Maybe because it catches my eye first and draws me in more than a neutral. I experimented a lot with it in our first home until I realized that wall paint should not be striped. It just doesn’t feel right. But, I do think there is a place for it in some instances if chosen well. You may not be aware of this, but I love color. I gravitate towards bright colors for dresses as seen in the latest family wedding. And the earrings were even more bold!



I think color is energizing so it can work in clothes. I think the right color in a home can be unique, but I know I need to reign myself in because I don’t want anything that takes away from a peaceful and welcoming home. It’s a balance that I’m trying to figure out to be honest. Roberta Roller Rabbit offers something that really interests me. Think vintage meets Moroccan meet the Hamptons.




The bedding is super pattern heavy with monochromatic color. I fell for it. Something is so pleasing about this combination. I feel like although it is more bold, it can still be paired with all kinds of woods and metals. I decided on the Amanda collection because I thought it was a bit whimsy while still allowing me to be flexible with the white and blue. I will be able to work these into the rest of the room without too much fuss.


This image is via Pinterest, but it is what I’m working on with my master.




I did my research, just to find out what shops carry her line. I found out that they are in places like Neiman Marcus, which to me, conveys high end and classy – a good thing in this case. If you like this pattern, I should warn you that you will have to shop at NM for the print as I don’t believe she is carrying it on the site anymore. My plan is to match it with some white and blue pottery or just white pottery. Not sure yet.

This is kinda the look I’m leaning towards. Clean, bright, but not too “water” literal.





It’s definitely taking some research and a mental shift to work with color. I think I have the neutral palatte down, but this is a new challenge and one that I am up for. I just want to make sure that I do it in the right way. I haven’t been able to show you a lot of pix because I am moving slowly and deliberately and, well, it’s just not really pretty yet.



  1. So happy to see a post from you and glad you are having a wonderful summer! I love the blue and white theme…as I redecorate this fall, it is my plan…it’s such a comfortable feel. Can’t wait until you start up with weekly posts. I’ve learned a lot from you!

  2. Found RRR at schmanzy shopping center in Marin County. Loved the furnishings, clothes, and accessories. Prices are not outrageous.

  3. Clare Whitlock says:

    You fall in (heart) with blue as Annie Sloan introduces a new colour…Giverny!! You are away ahead of the next trend. Love your work! Enjoy the lake. Clare

  4. Will this be your primary home?

  5. Shannon Stanley says:

    She has a store in Charleston, SC, which is a little piece of heaven. Of course, Charelston is heavenly at all times…except maybe the dead heat of summer. :). Go do a long weekend and make sure to visit Juxtaposition o. lower King. Her style is right up your alley…make sure to ask her if you can visit her warehouse…I guarantee you’d never want to leave. Happy decorating!

  6. I love adding color, especially the blue and white. It’s so crisp and happy! I’m thinking all the neutral love of the past few years may be about played out! What do you think?

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