Round Foyer Table

Hi Friends! Rainy day here in VA. Online school, husband working hard in the study and I’m on my second espresso with a few more to go!

I want to change up….everything now that I’ve been stuck in the house for 6 months. How about you? I have edited my house in the last few years as things have become more minimal. Minimal is not really my thing – I like an interesting piece in every corner – but, I do understand that it can make a house feel a bit more open and airy. We all need that right now.

I have had a beautiful work table (above) in my foyer that I bought from Miss Mustard Seed at her last Luckett’s showing at the market. I love an old table more than anything. I painted it white and it live happily in the foyer for years. But, I wanted a bit of a chance – a round table. I was going to buy one, but instead of paying a thousand bucks I thought I’d try my very first kitchen table turned craft table. Here she is:

There is so much sticky, icky gunk on this table, but it’s still a great piece. Brent’s nana bought it for us at Crate and Barrel when we were first married so lots of memories. I pulled out a can of Graphite. I still had an old can of Annie Sloan Graphite in the garage. It settled a bit and I had to work with it, but got it going.

You can see it’s a bit thin, but it was in my garage for about 2 years. That just means I needed several coats.

I know that lots of painters use Dark Wax to make the table…darker. I just never liked the look of it. It felt tacky and I didn’t like the overall look. So, I thought I’d try wood stain. This is Jacobean – again, I found it in the garage! The stain was definitely better than the wax, but not exactly what I wanted.

So, the story goes on. I didn’t think it was black enough once I got the table upstairs, so I bought a can of black furniture paint from Amazon – sorry Annie! I bought a true black from Shabby Chic in Licorice on Amazon. This gave me a true black and I did not need any wax.

What do you all think about the Shabby Chic Licorice? I have a little tutorial in my process, but it’s a little disjointed. I’ll release it soon.

PS – It’s October 26th and many states have early voting. You can take the whole darn family, like I did, to the polls and vote in person. OR You can still send in your Mail In Ballot OR you can vote on Election Day November 3rd. Easy! Just check out how and where to vote in your state. You can do so here:



  1. Lynda McGinnity says:

    Im curious as to what you ended up sealing the table with…

    • Hi Lynda! I didn’t seal it with anything! And it had held up with 3 kids and lots of cats on top! Very happy. What do you think?

  2. I love the table and so glad you are posting again. You are one of my favorite bloggers on the internet and I have missed your posts.

  3. Now I want to paint my kitchen table. I love this so much. The fact you just get in there and make changes ! You inspire me

  4. Lori Merrill says:

    Hello! I love the table and color! I always use Annie Sloan or MMS milkpaint…Annie does have a new black paint that I love! So happy your back! Lori

  5. Hello!
    What a beautiful makeover! I have a question, after the stain, did you sand or any before using the final color, licourice? It’s beautiful and from the photo, it has a sheen

  6. Love the color and beautiful finish. Glad you posting.

  7. I had this table for many years too – it’s a great table! How did you like the Chabby Chic paint? I’ve seen it on Amazon so many times and have wondered if it’s a good paint?? Would love your opinion. Thank you

  8. The chabby chic paint link takes you to the voting page. Just FYI – as I know you can get a small commission on the links.

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