…secret photoshoot.

I kinda can’t explain how cool yesterday was. In fact, I’m not really allowed to say much other than there was a photoshoot of my house for a glossy, national publication coming early 1213.

The morning involved lots of cameras, laptops, moving of furniture, new pillows, flowers, apples, baskets, napkins, napkin ring holders and some really sweet & talented people.

Meet my new friends. I’m just not sure that I’m allowed to share their names yet. But, the gal at the camera is going to shoot the cover of Southern Living tomorrow and recently shot the cover of Forbes. Hello.

It was such a fun, productive day that by the end of it I believe the photographer and I even started a business venture for Spring 2013. More on that soon. Let’s just say it involves an organic farm, a big red barn and furniture.

I am a very blessed lady.



  1. Wow! So very exciting! So wonderful for you Christen, and you deserve it! x jess

  2. Congrats Christen! How exciting and fun is this. Your home is amazing.

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