…secret side table

I love when people email me with furniture donations. I love when they think about me and what I can do to a piece when they are moving or moving out family members. It means alot to me that you all think of me, so thank you. A girl from my town sold me this little side table many months ago. For about a year the pieces I refinish to sell have been on hold. I have been very busy spending my time refinishing for clients. When there is a lull, like in late summer, I finally have a chance to check out the items that I have to work on and sell. Here is the little side table when I started painting it.


Cute legs, cute shape, but….it seemed off  balance when I opened it up.


I showed DH the piece and we even talked about attaching a little bar to make the piece level when opened. Until, my genius DH realized that is was not broken or off balance at all, but instead held a secret!


Flip it open, turn it, fold it….


and ta-da!


Amazing! You all probably knew it did that, didn’t you?! I guess it was to play cards or chess or something. I was very impressed. So was the client that snatched it up right away.



I refinished with Country Grey and left the secret door in the natural, stained wood. I love the claw legs and detail on the sides.

PS – Thank you for all your wonderful travel-to-the-English-Countryside tips! I am going to pour over them and email you individually as I plan my trip. I have some time before reaching 40 to get it right. You listening, DH?! xoxo


  1. Christen,
    You have yourself a game table. My mom had one in walnut with bookmatched burled top. The inside (the sides you see when opened )was the prettiest part. My mom used it against the wall with the top opened and leaning against the wall. It made any display look better. I think years ago furniture was moved around to suit the needs and less anchored in place.


  2. I just passed on a piece like this at a yard sale. It had a front drawer instead. I was worried about how the paint would wear where the top folds on itself.
    Every time I read your posts, you make me believe that I should take chances.

    Thank you. It is beautiful.

  3. I lové the sweet versatility of this table, and the space it’s placed in looks amazingly charming.

    Beautiful fall and all of what October has to offer.


  4. I have the same game table. It was my grandmother’s and she also used it with the top open against the wall with a beautiful silver tea set. It was worn with wear so I painted the base Old White and stripped and stained the top which at this point I have folded down. I was hoping you were going to turn it around when I saw the first picture!

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