…simple. valentine’s. decor.

I realize that many think that Valentine’s is a commercial holiday, but as a mom of three who has been married for 14 years I will take any excuse to go out to a quiet dinner and feel loved for an evening. Not to mention chocolate is always involved and my new tradition of ordering my family Georgetown Cupcakes is pretty exciting. Can. Not. Wait. Until. They. Arrive.


I must admit that I also love the colors of Valentine’s. I heart pink and red combined and although I don’t dress with these colors or decorated my home in them, they are so sweet and pleasing.

Let’s take a break from winter to fill our eyes with these delicate, pink images many of which can be easily arranged for your love. You can achieve any of these looks pretty much with pink flowers – fresh or dried – and an interesting vessel to put them in. Must run to the flower shop myself! (Aka the grocery).











Even if you are not into Valentine’s, I feel like placing flowers in your kitchen, even just for yourself, allows us to break from the cold and mundane of February. Why not.





  1. Janet Billings says:

    Thanks you. Beautiful all year round. These are great ideas to arrange the flowers my husband gives me vs the traditional glass vases the florist usually use.

  2. Emma McGeorge says:

    So true! Most people say Valentines is a money making scheme but it does remind our other half’s to make an effort and treat us for one special day of the year! Why not indeed enjoy the attention until next year! ☺

  3. Ahhh. I’ve been binging lately on English period dramas (shocking that you and I are friends, I know), and these flowers are sooo English countryside manor! I want (the flowers and the manor!). xo

  4. Judy Woodbury says:

    Very nice post! I hope you and your family have a nice Valentines weekend!

    All the pictures made feel happy!

    Stay warm,

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