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I have one sister and even though we are completely opposite and always have been, she is my best friend. That is not to say that she doesn’t make things more tricky as sisters tend to do. In fact, she has asked me to post on how to incorporate very modern elements with more more vintage or shabby chic items to create an eclectic look. Seriously, Sharon?

A few things do come to mind if you are trying to make things a bit more eclectic. When I think of modern elements, I think of decor that doesn’t take things too seriously and shows up a bit more playful.

1. Animal print rug.



A rug like this makes the room look at bit more bold & edgy. Of course my former-vegan sister will probably not go for a real zebra on her floor so please look for faux. Animal prints are found everywhere in antique upholstery and decor so a rug like this really modernizes a room with ties to the past.

2. Large – scale Art.


When thinking of modernizing a space I think of large paintings and/or mixed-medium works of art. I love how this image shows the shabby cabinet and a bold painting. The image below is also a great example. Traditional chairs, bold colors.


3. Lighting.

Lighting is a place that you can really have some fun. It’s rather non-committal and will add some real interest. You could do a totally traditional space and add whimsy in your lighting.

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A drum shade is a great coice because it’s not too far into the modern half of the spectrum. Just enough with the lines.


4. Lucite.

When I think modern I think lucite. But, you have to blend it in! Check out this coffee table.


European, fancy mirror, crystal chandelier…and lucite!


If you try lucite it’s like salt – just a touch for some taste.


5. Eames.

#5 has to be Eames. I have to admit that there is one item in particular that I have been tempted to try to work into my space. There is no way in a million years it would coordinate, but something just draws me in every time I see one. The iconic Eames chair.




This farm table and Eames dining chairs is even tempting me.



Maybe I could sneak in a little Eames rocker.



  1. I love the large scale art idea. I have many pieces of my Grandmother’s art, with which I will never part. Now I am thinking of new ways to arrange things…

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