…size does matter

But, we all knew that, didn’t we?

I get alot of inquiries from Etsy about the dimensions of my furniture and realize that although the ruler is not my favorite tool, I need to post the dimensions of each piece. My sweet mirrored vanity missed out on a home due to the fact that it was a bit too large for a client’s guestroom.

Turns out it was a bit too wide.

I’m the type of person that will make a piece fit a room if I’m in love with it. I would rather look at it every day in a small room than have a piece that fits perfectly that I really don’t want to look at every day. And there’s always the opportunity to shift furniture room to room as I have a tendency to do on a long weekend when my DH is romping around with the kids.

Although it wasn’t a piece of furniture that tripped me up when I didn’t pay attention to dimensions, it was a certain bellhop bell. Why I became obsessed with having one of these from Ballard Designs in my home I still don’t know. But, I did believe I was buying a tiny bell to ring when breaking up fights over Barbie or a sippy cup or who got the pink bowl for breakfast.

Instead, this is what came in the mail in a very large, very heavy box.

It has now become a conversation piece and one in which I have to explain myself when people enter my kitchen. And needless to say, instead of ending disagreements between my children, it has become a very loud annoyance that if touched sends mom into a tailspin at the fear of WAKING UP THE BABY!




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