I promise not to mention every time I sell a piece, but sometimes I can’t help being so excited when things fly the nest (harr, harr). This weekend I sold 2 pieces – thanks Stephanie & Lisa –  & early in the week a few accessories! It’s so flattering having people come into my home & take a piece I’ve worked on and put it in their home. Furniture stays with us a long time, sometimes until we die and then it gets passed down to younger family members and so on and so forth. So, I feel like whomever buys from me must really like what they see. They didn’t just buy a cake or flowers or a latte.

Bye bye sweet chairs!

Enjoy the nightstand, Lovely Lady!

Although these pieces have found a new home, check out “shop” to see what is available. Posting a great indoor/outdoor bench sometime this week.




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