…spray painting lake cabinets


When we bought our little lake house last year we knew there were a few cosmetic things that we wanted to work on. We had some painting, reorganization of furniture and rooms, more painting, cleaning out, more painting and a little building. DH and I do not shy away from a home project. In fact, we secretly love it. However, I have to admit, I had to ride DH to get him to agree to paint the kitchen cabinets. I think he was a bit nervous to change anything for resale, but we are not selling any time in the next 20 years and this mama wanted white cabinets!

Here is a look at the process. The before:


It wasn’t bad. It was fine. But, I wanted white to lighten up the great room. We talked about Chalk painting the cabinets, but Brent wanted them to look professional, not shabby. Since he was up for it, I agreed. So, he collected his materials, including a paint sprayer, and set to work.

This project is not for the faint of heart. It requires very ambitious painting, the right materials, time and patience. The good thing is is that when Brent gets to work on a project, he does not cut corners. He took this one on himself while I wrangled children and cheered him on. Oh, I am also the clean-up crew.


He took off all the cabinet doors, taped everything and painted the framing by hand. The doors were another story. This picture makes me think of Walter White and Breaking Bad! I had no idea he was decked out until I peaked in the garage. OMG.


He sprayed all the cabinets with Benjamin Moore Simply White (the 2016 Color of the Year). We chose the a satin finish because it has a slight sheen to it like you want in the kitchen. The color was perfect.


What a trooper! Again, if you want a professional look like we chose, you will need to really plan. That paper on the floor is pretty darn important to.

Here is the after:




We are going to be working on the countertops next and I think we settled on doing concrete to keep costs down. You may have notice that the Gaines from Fixer Upper like this look too.

I am so pleased with the result of the kitchen and the lightness it brings. We are working on creating a light, airy space to mirror the lake. Here’s a peek.




DH definitely deserved a nap and a few days off. Not sure when that will happen though


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  1. Love, love, love your lake house! You are blessed!

  2. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  3. Linda Manuel says:

    Beautiful! Where on earth did you find those bread boards? YUMMY!

  4. You say you didn’t use chalk paint, so what paint did you use and did you use a primer?

  5. Your kitchen came out beautiful!! I just had mine painted white too recently and it makes such a big difference! You are so lucky your husband painted it, you guys saved thousands of dollars!!

  6. What a beautiful, tasteful, relaxing place you have created for your adorbs family!! Enjoy every minute! Keep up posted on any updates – THNX!!! 🙂

  7. elizaduckie says:

    I don’t know why your DH would not think white kitchen cabinets appropriate for resale. They are on trend and absolutely make a gigantic difference in the look, feel and ambiance of your home. It totally looks like it’s out of the pages of a favorite designer magazine! Many kudos for having such fantastic vision…and a DH with willingness to trust your taste and with major painting skills!

  8. What is the wall color? Love what you’ve done here!

  9. Mary Ruth says:

    Came out beautifully!

  10. Go Brent! What a fabulous job. I think you also lucked out with those gorgeous turquoise backsplash tiles, which show so much more beautifully with white cabinets than the old brown ones. I am endlessly impressed with your ingenuity!

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