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I did a bit of outdoor decorating this summer – not much, but enough to make the inside pair a little better with the outside.


At the advice of many of you readers, I did not do the English Ivy that I really wanted around my garage. Instead I bought 3 of these Clematis plants (at least that’s what I think these are) and put them around each door.



To my delight they started wrapping their little viney fingers around the garden chairs and trellises that I bought from Home Depot.


I still love my rusted iron urns even though they were not serving a functional purpose.


Well, Reid found a purpose.IMG_1977

I changed out my grey wicker chairs with a bench that I felt matched the house a bit better.



No, it is not as comfortable as the chairs. I also feel like lying down on it every time I sit on it, but refrain in case the neighbors look at me funny.


The Sunbrella cushion allows me not to worry about bubbles and water from the hose that may go astray.


Love weathered terra-cotta just sitting looking pretty 🙂


There’s quite a bit of iron & metal to fill in the rest of the space.





I found these cool rusted bells & rope to attache to my boxwood wreaths.



I could never have enough hydrangeas or stone.


IMG_2018 IMG_1993

Of course there is always room for an old box for play.



Now if only this humidity would stay away so we could play outside this week!


  1. Love! It looks like your vines aren’t clematis (which are a perennial); rather, they are Mandevilla vines — which *are* perennials down south but are treated as annuals up here. I’m originally from Mandeville, La and my mother has them all over the patio. Enjoy!

  2. Christen,
    I really like the bench, it reminds me of the Restoration Hardware wood you have shown us. Great ideas and inspiration! Now…if I can just figure out what to do with all the dust the horses kick up, I will be all set! The Sunbrella is a great idea! I can hose everything down all the time!

  3. Michelle Lepak says:

    I believe the vine is a Mandevilla and you can overwinter these beauties inside as well! 🙂

  4. Looks great Kristen. Your climbing floral vines are actually mandevilla (likely the Alice Dupont variety). I plant those each year on my trellis into my garden. 🙂
    Stay cool!

  5. Jennifer Lyman says:

    Hi Kristen,

    I am in LOVE with your zebra print area rug in your dining room! Would you tell me where you got it. I have been looking and can’t seem to find one that is soft brown and tan like yours.
    Thank you so much!
    Love your house, it’s just beautiful!!!


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