…sunday was rainy, but

it was still sunny inside!

I really wanted to leave the high boy on the porch, but my DH said the wood wouldn’t be happy. At least I enjoyed it there for the day. Reid was helping me arrange the dirt in the planter. Thanks, Lovie.

Thank you to all those that came and showed your support & love! It was so fun to chat with so many of you and make new friends.

Thank you to all those that live far away that ask how it went.

Diane Felice and her handmade jewelry!

Kris Brugger with Tie is Up Bowtique!

and Heather Sanne’s most amazing cookies that she left as a goodie bag for those that came through. Thank you, friends!

The next show will be the Lucketts Spring Market May 19th, 20th out in Lucketts, VA. There will be 170 vendors, food & music! I can’t wait to get there to shop myself 🙂







  1. I’m so glad to hear all went just lovely! Your pieces look beautifully displayed. Love all the greys… fabulous! Hope you also had a good day off yesterday! Vanessa

  2. I can not get over how many pieces you store in your house!! I thought our house felt like a furniture store but WOW! They are all so fabulous too! If you don’t mind me asking where are your favorite places/methods to find furniture to redo? I’m relatively new to all this and have in my mind the type of pieces/prices I’m looking for but feel like I’m hitting a brick wall a lot of the time finding anything good at decent prices. I’d love to have some insider know-how! I know a lot of people use pickers but I know NOTHING about how that works or where you get hooked up with people.

  3. So many beautiful pieces! Where do you find all of them? I’m pretty new to this and could use some help/how-to advice in the finding department!

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