…sunny sunday

You may remember Tyler from posts like “The Tyler Dresser”, and “The Express”. Ty & his sweet girlfriend Shannon had a great idea for my open houses and that is to call them “Sunny Sundays” and have them outside the house!

I thought it was a cute idea. Here is the purpose of the Sunny Sunday:

1. To buy a piece that you’ve seen online and/or we’ve discussed. Both furniture & accessories.

2. To drop off a piece to be refinished (that we’ve discussed previously).

3. To see what I have in process and talk about furniture you need me to find for you.

I’ve changed the title so it’s not about my house, but about the furniture & design. And as a special treat I’ve invited a few of my clever, creative friends to sell their wares in the sunshine.


Sunday, March 25th


To be held outside. If rain, I will reschedule. Check blog for weather updates and cancellations.

FYI – There are a few new pieces in the shop section. www.blueeggbrownnest.com




  1. Kris Brugger says:

    Yay! I’m so excited about Sunny Sunday – I’m going to tell all my friends to come by!

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