…sweet secretary

A sweet MONA mom, Melissa, sold this piece to me our our beloved listserv. The moment I saw it I knew I needed to keep it for my own & even where I would put it.

Every time I walk up the stairs I am welcomed by this sweet piece.

I like the natural wood, but I am oh-so-tempted to paint the interior Provence blue or even Antoinette pink. Yea?

Yes, Ollie-Pie, I see you.

The very next day I happened to find one almost exactly the same!

What a cutie! I mentioned my find on my page on FB and might have a buyer already. She’s in the raw so this lucky gal will be able to pick her color!





  1. LOVE it! So glad it found a new home!!! I’ve always envisioned it with a shabby chic finish on it! Great work 🙂

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