…tea wisdom


I love when my tea speaks to me. Yogi teas have little messages that speak to relaxation and self-care and as silly as it sounds I actually do draw good reminders and insight from them.

I would say that 5 out of 7 days of the week I wake up nervous. I scan the house and my day with anticipation until I am able to calm myself a bit and convince myself that I will be okay today. I know it is a backwards way of being, but anxiety is one of the crosses that I bare in this life. It is a constant battle.

Sometimes I fight against the vivid dreams I have or devastating thoughts that make my hands shake. In these moments I want nothing more than to lock the doors and hide under the covers until the sun goes down again. This reaction is not do-able because of the three children I have downstairs in the chaos of the kitchen. Their laughter is a relief and pulls me out of my head for a time.

This is the first year that they are all in school all day. Some days this is heaven-sent and other days I am filled with tremors. I am full of fight and battle against this giant. Most days I succeed due to good friends, an amazing husband, special children and a host of projects. In the wintertime, however, it is much harder. It’s hard to fight when I am so cold and the trees are so bare that even their dry branches reaching to the sky look sad.

If mental happiness equals relaxation then is relaxation also equal mental happiness? This is what I really want to know. I understand that the body gives signals to the brain before we even know what is going on so I would say, yes. This idea gives me hope. Today I will go to yoga and prepare for a stretch and relaxation. Mnetal happiness is not permanent for me, but if I plan relaxation I may feel relief. Let me try. If it doesn’t work I always have chocolate.




…too much

Because it’s all been too much – too much eating, too much drinking, too much shopping, too much entertaining, too much family time, too much Hallmark Channel…just too much indulging, I am offering a recipe today. Some of you may have discovered it already, but I think it’s delicious and clean and just what I need in the morning.

And, yes, it’s green.





Promise me you will try it. My kids even drink it. Cut up all the ingrediants and keep them in a tupperware so you can just pop them in your mixer in the morning. And don’t cut out the parsley! It makes a difference and is my fav part! xo

…’twas 2 days before christmas

If you want to know what it’s like to live in my brain for an evening most any time of year, it goes something like this:

I am so tired. I have a million and one things to do before Christmas. How am I going to do it all and still be pleasant? Kids are finally in bed. I’m going to lie on the couch for a minute near the tree and watch a Hallmark Christmas movie.

90 minutes later…

I am going to watch one more Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.

90 minutes late…

Maybe just one more.

30 minutes in… 

How good would it look if i had a farm table like that Pinterest picture I saw the other day? Must buy farm table. Ouch. White farm tables are expensive – especially the $,4000 one that is the perfect one for my kitchen. Boo. Must find another way to get white farm table.

(For reference, this is the image via Pinterest. aka the bee in my bonnet.)


20 minutes goes by…

Paint. White Chalk Paint. Yes.

That’s how it all went down last night and this is where we are this morning….




Poor DH. I didn’t mean to rope him in, but man is he good with a hand sander.



Kids want to wax? Sure, try it.




(We are using MMS’s method of making a wood table more antiqued. We are also using her Antiquing Wax. However, I am not wiping off as much as she did. I like it inconsistent and darker in places.)

DH is skeptical – almost stressed –  at this point, but I still have faith. Must play more. Greta whining that she misses the old table. Brent tired and has a headache from sanding. Must send family out of the house so I can experiment. 

2 minutes later…

Much better. Quieter. 

2:00 deadline for post…Getting closer…


I am so tired. Must lie down and watch Hallmark Christmas movie.