…vanity fair – part 1

I heart vanities. If furniture were people they would be lovely, delicate ladies. The rocking mirror, the small dresser top, the curvy legs. Love. Kim is the MIL of a sweet mama at our preschool. She had me refinish two vanities for her recently. One of which I demo-ed for freshstyle magazine. IMG_5330 Kim was kind enough to let me choose the color I thought would best work for the job. IMG_5252

And God was kind enough to give us a clear, sunny day! IMG_5251

The hardware was a cool metal so I kept it as is. IMG_5250

Here is the finished piece. I did the entire thing during the shoot. Whew! IMG_5276



IMG_5284   IMG_5285   IMG_5287   IMG_8940

I will post the second one tomorrow. Next week I will show you her beautiful trunks!

…hoffman media & the ribbon in my journal

Morning Readers!

I want to introduce you to my new friends at Hoffman Media. They are a lovely group out of Alabama who publishes many magazines including Southern Lady, Cottage Kitchen, Cooking with Paula Deen and freshstyle. They also have many cooking and lifestyle books & DVDs.

They are beautiful magazines!


Southern Lady was their very first magazine.


freshstyle is the magazine that you will see Blue Egg Brown Nest in. It is filled with color, ideas & inspiration. You will eat it up as I have. You will also be excited to know that the trip the design staff took right before visiting me was to Oxford to meet & interview Annie Sloan!


Dear Phyllis, the President and CEO, contacted me a few months ago about teaming up to talk about Blue Egg Brown Nest and show some of my interiors as well as a Chalk Paint demo. This is what the photoshoot was all about a few weeks ago. What a wonderful day it was!


Phyllis recently started writing her own blog called The Ribbon in My Journal. She claims I had something to do with inspiring her, but by the looks of her pristine blog it seems as though she was already well-inspired on her own!


I am so excited to be working with this wonderful group. We have become fast friends, bonding over our love of design, writing and “Nest” candles.

I will be doing a give-away of a few of their books in the near future so stay tuned.