…vanity fair – part 1

I heart vanities. If furniture were people they would be lovely, delicate ladies. The rocking mirror, the small dresser top, the curvy legs. Love. Kim is the MIL of a sweet mama at our preschool. She had me refinish two vanities for her recently. One of which I demo-ed for freshstyle magazine. IMG_5330 Kim was kind enough to let me choose the color I thought would best work for the job. IMG_5252

And God was kind enough to give us a clear, sunny day! IMG_5251

The hardware was a cool metal so I kept it as is. IMG_5250

Here is the finished piece. I did the entire thing during the shoot. Whew! IMG_5276



IMG_5284   IMG_5285   IMG_5287   IMG_8940

I will post the second one tomorrow. Next week I will show you her beautiful trunks!


  1. Hi Christen,

    Glad you are getting some pretty weather back there on the East Coast! From these pictures it is difficult to tell what color this vanity is. Country grey, French linen, Paris grey, maybe duck egg?


  2. So Pretty and I love how you styled it!

  3. What clot or is this. It looks like French. Linen, but can’t tell for sure

  4. Lori M. says:

    Good morning! Love the vanity, as always you do a wonderful job. I refer to you as the painter with a magnetic personality. Always so fun to watch in your tutorials. Thanks, Lori

  5. Diane Westbrook says:

    It is so lovely! The color looks different from the top photos to the bottom photos..please share the color paint you used…thanks a million! You always do such a wonderful job painting…thanks for sharing! And I do hope that you are feeling so much better…. Diane W.

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