…4ft dough bowl

My friend, Kristen, whom I met at Luckett’s Spring Market recently posted a picture of her amazing & very large dough bowl. I have one myself, but it wasn’t vintage and it was not big. So, my OCD took over and I went on a mad hunt for an extra large, extra old dough bowl. Check out what I found.

Jack pot!

Thanks for helping me clean my treasure (again), my Love.

Yes, of course you can ride in it like a wooden boat. Anytime.

I love a good treasure hunt.



…my mentor

Miss Mustard Seed! She just doesn’t know she’s my mentor. I first stumbled upon her when I was searching for interesting vintage finds online. They I realized that she had space at Lucketts in one of the outdoor pavilions. I went and visited her beautiful things there and continued to read her posts about refinishing furniture & upholstery. She is a real talent!

It was exciting to see her move to the 3rd floor of Lucketts and visit her room at the Holiday Open House a few weekends ago. Her furniture was beautiful & she even handmade sweet little holiday ornaments! That’s where I found the scale that now sits in my kitchen.

So, I had to email her a picture of the scale’s new home and within the hour I got an email back from her!

“Oooo!  It did go to a good home and it looks perfect there.  It’s always fun to “hear from” my pieces that are sold.  Thanks so much.  This e-mail made me smile. Yes, I always seem to need help!  Maybe we could find a way to work together. ”

That last part was me asking if she never needed help filling her room at Lucketts! ha! Had to take the opportunity 🙂

…lucketts store

Time for a special post about Lucketts! I am a bit hesitant to post this because it’s been my secret little treasure trove where I get all my accessories. In fact, it’s the one place I want to go to when I get some me time away from the kids. Shopping, of course, but getting to drive out to Lucketts, VA and hunt for treasures is just 10xs better.

Here are a few of my finds:

vintage mannikin feet

  old trough & ladder on the wall

  bird cage & tobacco thing that I hung on the wall

close -up of the bird cage. owen not included.

Their Holiday Open House is coming up the first weekend in November. You will find antique items and replicas. It’s so much fun!

Here’s their website: