…favorite things friday: vacuum love.

My new vacuum goes under the category of “Where have you been my whole life?” Like, I’m not sure I could ever live without you and what have I been doing trying to clean with anything else?


Fiona may feel the same way.

As you know, we had our hardwood floors refinished this summer. It was a long time coming with three kids, a 100 lb lab and cats…and chaos. The floors were totally scratched and worn. In order for this not to happen again we knew we needed a new vacuum. We had a Dyson, but it totally scratched even when on the wood floor setting. Not worth it.

We did our homework and decided on a Miele. This vacuum is not cheap, but it pays dividends.


You can buy most places so look for a deal! You will not be disappointed. Happiness is a working vacuum that the children & husband actually think is fun to use.