…take a seat or 10

I heart a cane back chair. I have 10 of them all in the same light shabby beige color with natural burlap seats. 5 of them have one style “top” and 5 another, but they coordinate.

In my home I have a natural wood table and painted chairs. The contrast is slight and the rubbed chairs make the set look more rustic.

I have 3 tables that I’m going to begin as well in the same color.

Cane back chairs w/ burlap seats…$85 each.


…BUT, MORE IMPORTANT THAN FURNITURE: On this Veteran’s Day, I give thanks for all the men and women that have served, sacrificed and died so that I could have so many freedoms. I think of you leaving your families and children; the comfort of home to lay down your lives for people that you have and may never meet. What heroism is this. And I can’t help but think of those that have been able to come home, not whole and have not been thanked and welcomed back properly. We owe you more than a holiday.


  1. I heart cane back chairs too! Nice work, these are really pretty!

  2. Carrie Holmes says:

    I’ve stumbled upon your blog…gorgeous work girlie! I noticed that in some of your pictures you’ve got chalk paint on your mirrors and the glass on your hutches. Apparently, I’m working too hard (I take out drawers from the my dressers, tape off or take out glass from my pieces). Do you mind sharing your system for getting the paint off glass/mirrors without taking off the paint around the sides?

    P.S. Saw a tutorial…I love your tip on using a large clean paint brush to wipe the sanding dust off of your pieces. Uh, no more hauling out the heavy shop vac for mwa…


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