…thanks, shannon!

Shannon was so super sweet to offer me some furniture that she was moving from one of her family member’s homes. She offered me about 6 pieces – all of which are going to look great chalk painted.

Isn’t she cute?!

In fact, I had a client come by the house to look at a piece and decided she wanted me to finish a piece that Shannon had given me.

I thought it was such a handsome secretary.

I love the idea of keeping the insides in their original color & condition because it just tells us a bit of the piece’s history and where it has been.

These carved hearts are a perfect example. So charming. So familiar.

Also working on a great amoire that she gave to me in Country Grey.

Here’s a peak.

I actually think I’m going to do all these pieces in Country Grey, which is actually an off white/beige color. I have a large buffet as well with straight lines and interesting hardware. Oh, and a perfect candidate for another Union Jack piece.

Thanks, Shannon!



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