…the affair of a fair

I’m not exactly a stranger to showing at a fair. Before my beautiful babies were born, I was a potter. cbpottery.

Here I am in my hole in the wall in the basement with my wheel and a kiln.

I fired my own pieces.

I experimented with all kinds of clays.

I mixed my own glazes. This celedon was my very favorite.

And I showed at a few fairs. This was my first.

I will not be using the same tent for the Luckett’s Spring Market as it went down with the last house we built, but I ordered new one with sides in case it rains. Apparently, it always rains.

My DH secured the UHaul. I’m taking inventory and admittedly trying to calm my nerves.

Come see me in the “Field of Gold”. I will have lots of new pieces to show if I can fit them in the truck, which my DH still thinks he’s driving out there. Ha!


Blue Egg Brown Nest will be showing at The Luckett’s Spring Market, May 19th & 20th from 10:00 – 5:00.





  1. Fantastic! You’ve done a great pottery work. They looked beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing pics from the fair… Have a blessed day!

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