…the bell jar.

What I actually thought was called a bell jar bringing up old memories of the disturbing Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. (Where my English majors at?) Is actually called a Mason Ball Jar. Oops.

A much lighter version, I’d say, is the one below.

I think the light blue color is just fantastic in my house and because of this I’ve become slightly obsessed.

Old thread spindles in an old bird feeder on my kitchen table, of course.

I have so many I’ve actually lost count.

Lidded are hard to find, but I like them any way them come. Just want that robin’s egg blue in my house where I can see it from anywhere. My poor kids are going to inherit a whole house-full from their batty mom and probably sell them back to the same consignment people I’m hoarding them from. Ah, the circle of stuff.




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