…the betsy chest of drawers

I have saved posting this piece because I wasn’t really sure I wanted to sell it!

I think this is the fifth piece I’ve had on this wall. I love it so much because it has just great detail.

Clients ask me all the time how can I part with some of my pieces. A chest like this, which I think is particularly special, I don’t see quite as often and it is a bit more difficult.

But…when this finds a good home I will just go hunting for another!

The Betsy Chest of Drawers…$650

I will take dimensions this afternoon & post them in the shop section. Right now I’m going to snuggle with Fiona who has a cough.

If interested email me: cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com





  1. Fabulous chest! It’s gorgeous! I think it would also be hard for me to part with this one of a kind piece if I had one. Blessings, Vanessa

  2. This is a very lovely piece, and I know I’d hate to part with it too. What color is this? Did you use a dark wax? I hope Fiona gets over her cough quickly!

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