…the bradford dresser

I’ve started naming my pieces of furniture because it’s easier to distinguish between pieces and it’s also fun. I swear I would have 3 more babies just so I could use up the rest of my favorite names! My husband is somewhere shaking is head feverishly.

Uncle Brado. O. Brado. Bradford. Uncle & godfather to my oldest. Brent’s brother. Great guy. Here’s to you, O!

Here is the before:

I know, it’s actually a very pretty piece of furniture as is. Excellent condition.

Here is the after:

Refinished in French Linen. New hardware.

The Bradford Dresser 37″x51″x19″…$550

If you are interested in having The Bradford in your home, email me and/or visit my site: www.blueeggbrownnest.com





  1. Auntie Allyn says:

    I am so glad that you show “before” pictures of perfectly good pieces of furniture and then show how they look after they’re refinished. The rule in my family was that good wood furniture was sacred and you didn’t paint it, but you’ve definitely convinced me that there’s something to be said for painted/distressed furniture! (Actually, my parents used to refinish painted furniture that they bought at country auctions, so your technique is totally contrary!) I enjoy your blog, keep up the great work!

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