…the chicken cabinet – painting reveal

I finished painting the exterior and interior of my cabinet and had DH help me bring it in the house. I painted the exterior in AS Versailles with the Weathered Wood Painting Technique. I knew I wanted my beloved Duck Egg to be integrated and decided on this color for the interior. I took out the glass before moving it. I was fine with smashing it out, but DH put on his working gloves and helped me delicately remove it. We discovered that the way the glass was installed it was going to be tricky to replace with my chicken wire, but that’s tomorrow’s post.

Here is how the painting looks:












You can see how the wood comes though acting like a different color paint. The interior says, “There’s something different & special going on in here.”

Here’s the rub. I like it. I do not love it. It works and I’m happy with how the painting came out. It one kind of look that is lovely. I’m just not sure this is the look that I want at the end of the day. What I love is that since I know how to paint nothing has to be permanent. I have freedom. I’m going to repaint it. I think I just want more shabby and peeling and chippy. I recently painted a little cabinet using Miss Mustard Seed’s paint and it’s a completely different process and result. However, I think it’s what I want here. Maybe. I’m going to live with it a few more days and then decide.

Chicken wire tomorrow.


  1. You did a wonderful job with your whitewash painting technique! I love this!

  2. Wouldn’t change a thing, looks beautiful, expensive, and elegant. Too much of the same shabby look gets old. This is a statement piece!

  3. I agree with Christy. It’s just beautiful. Great color combination. Just a couple of questions. Did you just use clear wax, or both clear and dark? Also, did you use the same technique with the Duck Egg Blue for the interior? I just love it.

  4. Amanda Seiller says:

    It’s beautiful!! I can see, though, if you have something in your mind you’re going for how it would be dissatisfying.

  5. Yes more ~~shabby~~

  6. fabulous fabulous

  7. nadine McMahon says:

    You are amazing! That is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Jamie Kirk says:

    That Versailles
    on the outside??/ Amazing.. I do love it.. but get you when you say that would be fantastic with a chippy look. I cant get used to the milk paint quite yet but I am working on it. You always do a wonderful job.

  9. Christen,
    I love the piece…I love the weathered technique too…I did something similar with a china cabinet a couple of weeks ago…I don’t know how to add photos but I would love to get your feedback on what I did…
    It too is a piece that I’m keeping…until I find my perfect pie safe, that is….

  10. Denise Tomlin says:

    I love it! Personally wouldn’t change a thing but unless you love it straight again you keep looking at it and imagining it done differently.

  11. Chantelle says:

    I love it!!!! But………if you are doing chicken wire I would think that the chippy look would fit with that theme a lot better. I want you to repaint it just so I can see it done two different ways-lol Did you wax this? Do you intend on waxing this?? What a gorgeous find!!

  12. deby hill says:

    Before you repaint, please show us a close up of the interior duck egg.

  13. christina larsen says:

    I love it. I think it is unique. Can’t wait to see the wire in it; that is what you are doing, right?

  14. Hi Christen, I love MMS milk paint & the chippy look you can create. I’ve just started experimenting with it after using Annie Sloan chalk paint for the past few years & I’m finding I prefer the look of chippy milk paint 🙂

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