…the cole desk/vanity

I’ve had this piece for a while now, but have been having trouble finding time to refinish my own pieces to sell. I’ve been doing so much refinishing work lately. This time of year always seems to motivate people to want to refresh before the holidays. I totally get that!

I was excited to get this one done though because I loved the shape and the hardware was old & beautiful.


Contrary to some of the comments on FB when I posted this picture, it is indeed French Linen. As you know, my rule of thumb with the hardware is that if it is vintage-looking and adds character to the piece I like to keep it as is. These large pulls really create the look.



Chalk Paint loves detail.


Yes, I leave crevices uncoated for that aged look.



The Cole Desk/Vanity 47 1/2″L x 19″D x 30″H…$425

Email at cbensten@blueeggbrownnest if interested.


  1. Cathy Ososki says:

    The picture it looks like a grey/blue. Beautiful. Did you use any dark wax? I like the idea of not putting paint in the crevices vs removing paint for an aged look. Simpler, Probably didn’t need dark wax being you didn’t paint in the crevices. Your pieces always look so professional, you are an inspiration.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Christen! I have the same issues when taking pictures outside OR inside, for that matter. The SUN just follows us, huh? I “heart” your style! Thanks again for always inspiring me!

    Blessings ~ Deb

  3. absolutely beautiful.

  4. Very nice Christen! I really need to try that color on some pending pieces I have
    I wish I had more time to work at home on my projects. One thing I have picked up
    from your work is to stage my pieces as I photograph them in getting them ready
    for sale! Thanks for sharing!

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