…the denim effect

I heart an old trunk. I have quite a few in my own home and have bought and sold many. A picker recently brought this great piece to me and I ended up trying a few colors. I painted it white. Then layered it with a few of my favorite blues. Before I knew it I was getting this really real cool effect that looked like a denim.


I loved what happened with the layers of colors. Perfect for this trunk.



The contrast of the bright, red interior is fantastic as well.



How did I get this denim look? The first coat is Old White, second coat is Aubusson Blue and then I used a light coating of Duck Egg. Allow the white and dark blue to show throw to see the layered effect.


The Denim Trunk…$95



  1. This is adorable!!! 🙂 <3 you, sweet friend, whom I miss! xo

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