…the french need to take back their ladderback.

Whew! So, I’ve discovered what the most time consuming piece thus far and it’s the ladderback chair! As you can imagine it just goes on forever in about a million directions. And to paint, paint again, wax, wax again all those hiding spots makes me feel like I’ve been caught up in an bit of an M.C. Escher.

It’s so cold outside that I’ve been painting cooped up in the garage. I’m totally grateful for the space, but as soon as I was done with what seemed like the 500 rungs I had to move everything outside to keep myself from getting dizzy.

There are 6 of them total (including 2 with arms) and they go with the 7 ft French Country table that I’ve also completed. The little girl in the photo is wondering why she can’t sit down in them. Good question, my Love. Five yards of white burlap has been ordered along with my new nail gun that sits under the Christmas tree waiting for me to open. I don’t think Santa will mind if I tear into it a bit early.

I will picture & post the dining set before Christmas, but if you are looking for a beautiful French Country kitchen or dining room set I have the one for you!




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