…the jennie table

Check out this amazingly cute table that a sweet Arlington couple brought over to have refinished. It was his grandmother, Jennie’s piece. I know some of you may think this red looks just perfect, but they wanted to make it more cohesive in their living space.

The top was a bit rough so DH helped me sand. FYI- when sanding a table, move it far away from every other piece because if you don’t you will have red dust ON EVERYTHING IN SITE!

A fun fact about Jennie is that she loved pink. The family wanted a color that would work in their home, but also a little reminder of her. So, we decided on leaving the secret belly of the table a soft pink, Antoinette.

You may be able to see a hint of the Antoinette at the lip.

I know it’s difficult to discern the pink here, but it is a pale, sweet color on the inside of this piece. So, when it’s open they are reminded more of Jennie.

I think doing pieces like this is one of my favorite parts of my business. We all love our grandmother’s special treasure, but we also want to integrate it into our homes and sometimes that takes a few coats of paint.




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