…the madeline console

Sometimes it’s hard to let a piece go. This is one of those pieces for me. Problem is, I have no more room in my house at the moment!


Here is the before:


And here is the after again! It is refinished in my all time fav color, Paris Grey.


The rest of the detailed pix must wait because my computer hard drive has apparently tried to kill itself. Stay tuned.

The Madeline Console 63″L x 20″D x 32″H…$579

I only have one so I have to do first pay, first serve. I can ship via USHIP. Shipment must be secure before payment. Priority is for local buyers.


  1. I love the candlesticks! Would you so kind as to share their source?

  2. What a beautiful transformation !

  3. Christen, this is beautiful! You are a true inspiration for me. Thank you 🙂

  4. Carol Ann says:

    No room for the console 🙁 , however I can’t take my eyes of those sweet rustic topiary boxwoods in the petite pots. My 5″ deep narrow mantle is crying out for them. I would happily purchase them from you or if you can provide a source…..

    Thank you for The Safe Nest!

  5. Donna Dell says:

    Love this! Paris Grey is my favorite.

  6. Very nice work. I can see what you mean about letting it go, it has really great detail and I am sure it is quality workmanship. The original hardware even makes it better with the color choice of Paris Grey.

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